Two Premier League Teammates Come Out As Gay Couple

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Two Premier League teammates have opened up on their controversial relationship of being a gay couple.

According to Sun news outlet, the two Premier League players who are practicing homosexuality are reported to be on the same team.

Even though the gay players’ teammates feel quite uncomfortable with this, they have been told to respect their privacy and not to discuss the matter publicly.

The report arrived after Qatari World Cup ambassador Khalid Salman recently described homosexuality as “damage in the mind.”

Gary Lineker

Meanwhile, Leicester City and England football legend Gary Lineker revealed in October that he knows of “one or two” gay Premier League players who have been very close to publicizing their relationship.

It was first reported by The Sun earlier this year that a former England International and Premier League player is in talks to film a documentary about becoming the first footballer to openly reveal his relationship as gay in English football.

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Josh Cavallo
Josh Cavallo

However, an Australian male footballer, Josh Cavallo who plays for the Australian club Adelaide United became the first player to come out as gay while still playing professional football.

Premier League Jake Daniels
Jake Daniels

English football got the craze after a 17-year-old brave Blackpool player Jake Daniels revealed he was gay in May after gaining the acceptance of teammates.

According to a source, the two Premier League gay players started their relationship earlier this year but decided to let the cat out of the bag seeing no reason to keep their union a secret.

A source said: “They did not see the need to hide from their teammates — and why should they?”

Their relationship is far from being a secret following the manager and club’s hierarchy’s backing, “No one was remotely bothered about it and they had the backing of the manager and the hierarchy at the club”, the source recounted.

The pair are unwilling to come out and make a public announcement, however, a public revelation is expected to happen sooner or later since the world have heard of their relationship.

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The source said: “But they decided not to come out publicly — although neither are ashamed and it could happen down the line.

“During the the season they wanted to concentrate on their football.

“While making a statement would positive, it could take their attention away from their performances on the pitch.

“Their teammates have also been told not to say anything publicly to protect their privacy.”

The Sun made the revelation of another Premier League footballer who is also considering about opening up his sexuality in a show currently in production.

Since homosexuality is a legitimate engagement in the USA and other countries, it’s speculated that other gay players could use this revelation as a massive opportunity to step forward and announce their sexuality.

A source said: “This could be a massive step forward for gay players.
“Everyone in football has been talking about it.”

At the time of publishing this report the names of the Premier League gay couple has not been revealed. Also, the club to which the players are contracted has not been revealed.

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However, it has been reported in the UK that the Premier League gay couple might reveal their names anytime soon since their other teammates and coaches know their affair.

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