Tragedy Strikes Super Eagles Midfielder Ogenyi Onazi as Brother’s Wife Dies in Multi-Vehicle Accident


Super Eagles midfielder Ogenyi Onazi and his family are in mourning after his brother’s wife was tragically killed in a multi-vehicle accident.

His brother’s wife, Ann, was killed in a devastating car accident involving 10 vehicles according to the former Lazio star.

Onazi’s brother, Oche Thompson, miraculously survived the crash but sustained multiple dislocated joints.

The accident occurred when a truck driver, who reportedly did not have a proper driving license, lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the cars on the road, including the one carrying Thompson and Ann.

The truck was loaded with fertilizer at the time of the collision according to Onazi’s report.

Ogenyi Onazi expressed his sorrow on social media

Onazi took to his Instagram page to share the heartbreaking news, expressing his sorrow and disbelief at the sudden loss of his sister-in-law.

The midfielder shared a series of videos expressing his anger about the incident, showcasing the accident scene, and showing his brother in the hospital receiving treatment.

He wrote: “This is a message to the federal government of Nigeria.. and the federal @frscnigeria.”

“On Tuesday 18th, at about 4 pm my elder brother @onazithmps was driving with his wife to visit someone.

“On the traffic then came this truck loaded with fertilizer without control to crash more than 10 cars killed my brother’s wife instantly. My brother managed to survive with several dislocated joints arranged for surgery, with other people dead.”

He also called out the irresponsible actions of the truck driver, who fled the scene after causing the fatal accident.

“My point is this, the driver ran away after some calls the police managed to pick him up. After interrogation, I got to know that the driver did not have a proper driving license and he was handed this kind of truck to destroy lives.”

The accident underscores the poor road conditions in Nigeria

The incident involving Onazi serves as a stark warning about the perilous state of Nigeria’s roads, highlighting the urgent need for improved regulation and enforcement.

Onazi himself has voiced strong concerns about the lack of driving safety and proper licensing in the country, calling for immediate action to prevent further tragedies and protect innocent lives.

Onazi, who has won over 50 caps for the Nigerian national team added: “Driving in Nigeria you will know that a lot of people driving on the road don’t have proper driving knowledge. Lately, trucks and tank drivers have been killing a lot of people because of reckless driving.

“I am really sad and confused Ann Onazi rest well.”

Fans send their condolences to Ogenyi Onazi

As the Onazi family mourns the untimely passing of Ann and supports Thompson in his recovery from his injuries, questions remain about the circumstances leading to the tragic crash.

However, the Nigerian football community and fans around the world are sending their condolences to the Onazi family during this difficult time.

One of the commenters wrote: “So sorry brother.”

Another wrote: “My deepest condolences sir.”

A third one added: “May God comfort your family, failed nation”

A fourth one commented: “Na wa for Nigeria. My condolences and quick recovery to your bro.”

What’s next?

Nigerian security officials are investigating the incident, and the hit-and-run driver may be caught soon.

Our thoughts are with Onazi and his family during this difficult time. We offer our condolences from futballnews.


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