Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho hits back at Manchester United Coach Ole Solskjaer over Man United’s penalty record.

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Manchester United has earned the reputation of being always favored by VAR calls and Jose Mourinho felt like he has to bring awareness to it after Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took a jab at him first.   

The Virtual Assistant Referee (VAR) was put in place to help the on-the-field referee to make better decisions and to clarify difficult calls. However, that hasn’t been the case. It seems like the VAR has been very inconsistent and more favorable to certain teams. 

Manchester United is a team that is always favored by the VAR and Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho has something to say about it.

Although, Man United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, was the first to throw a jab at Jose Mourinho. This is what he said “Last season we had too many draws, so that is a big plus for us,” he said. “You have to be happy Jose is not here to measure the goalposts.”

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Then Jose Mourinho responded with this “I think Ole yes was so happy and surprised with what happened to his team that he had a joke,” he said.

“I understand that for him the dimensions of the goalposts are not important for him. What is important for him are the dimensions of the 18-yard box.

“He would never accept to play with a 17-yard box. I think he would prefer a 22-yard box. For him it would be better.”

Manchester United was awarded a controversial penalty call in a match against Brighton and it caused a lot of uproar among fans, football players, and coaches in the premier league. Jose Mourinho’s comment about Ole Ole Gunnar Solskjaer serves as an awareness call to how the VAR operates and we will see how or if things change.

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