Top 20 Most Followed Footballers On Social Media In 2024 And Their Stats


Football being arguably the biggest sport in the world has also ensured that the gladiators – the footballers enjoy massive traction across social media by being followed by their fans, who look to keep up with most of their daily activities.

Supporters, fans, pundits, and enthusiasts of football might look at players from different purviews, however, what is not arguable is that all these parties need each other to achieve their intentions.

Footballers need individuals to follow them to expand their visibility and also attract potential clients, who will be looking at using them for advertising purposes.

Fans, pundits, and enthusiasts also crave to follow these superstars to keep up with the happenings around their lives and likewise to get information that they yearn for.

Top 20 Most Followed Footballers On Social Media

1)Cristiano Ronaldo – Approximately 910 million followers

The 39-year-old leads the list of the most followed footballers on the planet, and he is edging closer to a billion followers across his social media accounts.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most influential athlete in the world, as he is the most followed footballer in the world, the most followed sportsman, and a human being on Instagram.

Additionally, Ronaldo is the most followed footballer on Facebook and X (formerly known as Twitter).

The Portuguese is regarded as one of the greatest footballers ever, having scored the most goals in football history (895) and with 5 Ballon d’Or awards to his name.

Reports indicate that Cristiano Ronaldo has been prohibited from owning a YouTube channel due to the number of subscribers and views it could attract.

The most popular videos on Instagram are said to be those of the footballer and as such YouTube cannot pay him the amount they would need to pay him for being on the platform.

He has in the past opened a TikTok account but it was banned in less than 24 hours, having amassed a staggering 4 million followers, 10 million likes, and verification.

Instagram: 632 million followers | X: 111 million followers | Facebook: 170 million followers | TikTok: None

2)Lionel Messi – Approximately 615 million followers

The 36-year-old, who is also considered to be one of the greatest footballers ever, has an astonishing following on social media.

Messi, who plays for Argentina internationally and Inter Miami at club level has got huge admirers across the world, with his fans often showing their love for him on many social media platforms.

Lionel Messi is second behind Ronaldo on the list, but he has won 8 Ballon d’Or awards – the most for any footballer ever.

Messi is not on X (formerly known as Twitter) for unknown reasons alongside TikTok, however, he is on Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram: 500 million followers | X: None | Facebook: 116 million followers | TikTok: None

3)Neymar Jr – Approximately 410 million followers

The Brazilian’s flashy style on and off the pitch has endeared him to many fans globally, and that has put him in a high position on this list.

Neymar Jr, who plays for Brazil and Saudi Pro League side Al Hilal is known for sharing glimpses of his life, fashion, and football skills.

The former Barcelona man is also one of the most marketable footballers of his generation as well as one of the richest Brazilian footballers in history.

Instagram: 222 million followers | X: 63.5 million followers | Facebook: 92 million followers | TikTok: 32.3 million followers

4)Ronaldinho Gaucho – Approximately 171 million followers

The football icon remains a very well-known footballer, and his joyful personality and legendary status see him remain present in the consciousness of footballing enthusiasts, both young and old.

Ronaldinho is one of the most technically gifted footballers, who thrilled fans with his tricks, flicks, and all-around skills.

The former AC Milan man is one of the few Brazilians to win the Ballon d’Or award and definitely one of the most influential football stars in football.

Instagram: 76.4 million followers | X: 21.5 million followers | Facebook: 56 million followers | TikTok: 18.8 million followers

5) Karim Benzema – Approximately 142 million followers

Benzema is loved by many across the globe for his immense display on the football field.

The Frenchman was handed the Ballon d’Or award in 2022, having had a cracking season with Real Madrid.

Karim Benzema, who currently plies his trade with Saudi Pro League Al Ittihad is known for his versatility and excellent finishing ability.

Instagram: 76.8 million followers | X: 21.1 million followers | Facebook: 45 million followers | TikTok: None

6) David Beckham – Approximately 146 million followers

He is a retired English footballer renowned for his exceptional skills, especially in whipping sublime free kicks and dangerous crosses. 

Beckham is regarded as the first global football superstar of the 21st century, as he is one of the most marketable faces in the sport’s history.

David Beckham is also involved in several philanthropic endeavors, contributing to his image as both a sports legend and a humanitarian.

An influential figure on and off the pitch, the Inter Miami co-owner is understood to be one of the richest footballers in the world with a net worth estimated to be $450 million.

Instagram: 88 million followers | X: None | Facebook: 58 million followers | TikTok: None

7) Kylian Mbappe – Approximately 148 million followers

The Frenchman is considered to be the current face of football, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in the twilight of their respective careers.

Mbappe has continued to blossom in his career, having begun his senior career at AS Monaco, before joining French giants Paris Saint Germain.

Kylian Mbappe has also recently made his dream move to Real Madrid and that indeed will continue to put him in the eyes of many across the globe, with his following expected to continue skyrocketing.

Instagram: 117 million followers | X: 14.1 million followers | Facebook: 17 million followers | TikTok: None

8) Sergio Ramos – Approximately 139 million followers 

Ramos’ persona has brought him lots of admirers over the years, with his leadership abilities also worthy of emulation.

Sergio Ramos is known for his stellar defensive skills and goal-scoring ability, having scored many clutch goals in his magnificent career thus far.

The Spaniard is considered one of the greatest defenders of his generation and is one of the most followed footballers in the world in 2024.

Instagram: 63.6 million followers | X: 20.3 million followers | Facebook: 38 million followers | TikTok: 18.6 million followers

9) Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Approximately 123 million followers  

Ibrahimovic is known for his charisma and charming persona which has seen him command respect from many across the globe.

His attitude sometimes comes across to many as being arrogant, while others term it as being overwhelmingly confident.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic retired from football at the end of the 2023/24 season, but he continues to receive much love and support from his fans and that’s why he is amongst the list of the most followed footballers on social media.

Ibrahimovic scored over 570 goals in his professional career, and he is arguably the most influential Swedish athlete in the world.

Instagram: 64.3 million followers | X: 9.4 million followers | Facebook: 39 million followers | TikTok: 10.9 million followers

10) Marcelo Viera – Approximately 122 million followers

The ex-Real Madrid defender is known for his infectious enthusiasm on and off the pitch and this has brought him a massive following on social media.

Marcelo, who plays for Fluminense, is one of the greatest left-backs in football history, as he is known for his outstanding creative ability and pace.

Instagram: 68.1 million followers | X: 13 million followers | Facebook: 28 million followers | TikTok: 13.7 million followers

Most Followed Footballers On Social Media

11) James Rodriguez – Approximately 111 million followers

Instagram: 51.7 million followers | X: 18.8 million followers | Facebook: 35 million followers | TikTok: 6.5 million followers

12) Gareth Bale – Approximately 104 million followers

Instagram: 53.3 million followers | X: 18.9 million followers | Facebook: 33 million followers | TikTok: None

13) Paul Pogba – Approximately 98 million followers

Instagram: 61.5 million followers | X: 10.5 million followers | Facebook: 24 million followers | TikTok: 2.8 million followers

13) Mohamed Salah – Approximately 98 million followers

Instagram: 63.2 million followers | X: 18.9 million followers | Facebook: 16 million followers | TikTok: None

15) Andres Iniesta – Approximately 95 followers

Instagram: 43.4 million followers | X: 25.1 million followers | Facebook: 27 million followers | TikTok: None

15) Toni Kroos – Approximately 95 million followers

Instagram: 47.9 million followers | X: 12.5 million followers | Facebook: 26 million followers | TikTok: 9.6 million followers

17) Kaka – Approximately 92 million followers

Instagram: 23.9 million followers | X: 29.1 million followers | Facebook: 39 million followers | TikTok: None

17) Mesut Ozil – Approximately 92 million followers

Instagram: 28.1 million followers | X: 26.2 million followers | Facebook: 38 million followers | TikTok: None

19) Luis Suarez – Approximately 84 million followers

Instagram: 48.8 million followers | X: 17.6 million followers | Facebook: 18 million followers | TikTok: None

20) Antoine Griezmann – Approximately 72 million followers

Instagram: 41 million followers | X: 8.6 million followers | Facebook: 21 million followers | TikTok: 1.4 million followers

Note: Data on the most followed footballers on social media was prepared through research via the respective player’s accounts on Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter), and TikTok.


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