Top 10 Women Football Influencers At The 2023 FIFA World Cup And Instagram Earnings


The women’s game continues to gain massive traction across the globe and due to the growth in popularity, the main protagonist continue to grow in their following. Here we have the top 10 women football influencers present at the upcoming FIFA women’s World Cup.

Without further ado, let’s dive right straight into top 10 women football influencers at the 2023 FIFA World Cup how much they earn per Instagram post:

10) Marta – Brazil and Orlando Pride, £10,070 per post

Top 10 Women Football Influencers
The ever-vibrant Marta is Brazil’s all-time top scorer

The 37-year-old can be argued to be the first superstar of women’s football and she has a massive 2.6 million following on Instagram.

The 2023 FIFA World Cup which will be hosted by Australia and New Zealand will be the Brazilian star’s sixth world cup outing and possibly her last at the age of 37.

Marta has scored at all editions of the world cup she has played in, 5 in total and if she manages to score in her 6th, she will be making history as the first female footballer to do so.

The Orlando Pride forward is the record scorer for Brazil with 115 goals and she might be adding to that tally at the mundial.

Marta earns £10,070 per Instagram post.

9)  Jule Brand – Germany and VFL Wolfsburg women, £11,397 per post

Top 10 Women Football Influencers
Brand is developing in style

The 20-year-old is gaining ground when it comes to her influence on social media as she has a good following in excess of 200,000 on Instagram.

She shares pictures of her holiday activities in Greece alongside paid partnerships with brands including Sony Pictures.

Still burgeoning in her craft, the VFL Wolfsburg player has been tagged “Future Of German Football”.

The youngster reportedly earns £11,397 on every post she shares on Instagram.

8) Megan Rapinoe – USA and OL Reign, £12,998 per post

Top 10 Women Football Influencers
The outspoken Megan Rapinoe also makes massive bucks off influencing

Some may argue that she needs no introduction due to her popularity and worldwide acclaim.

Rapinoe, who is often outspoken, has won the Ballon d’Or, won a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics which was held in London and she has two world cup titles.

The 37-year-old makes £12,998 on every post she shares on Instagram and she has about 2.1 million followers on the platform.

7) Alessia Russo – England and Arsenal women, £14,016 per post 

Top 10 Women Football Influencers
Alexia Russo is simply magical

The Englishwoman, who recently made a move from Manchester United to Arsenal on a free transfer, is really popular on social media.

Russo is a fashionista and she has been seen on the cover of Women’s Health, while she is also being sponsored by several brands namely; Beats by Dre, PlayStation, and displayed in full glare by Adidas.

The 24-year-old also has an exclusive collaboration on social media with Italian brand Gucci.

Alessia Russo has just over 500 thousand followers on Instagram and she earns £14,016 per post shared on that platform.

6) Sam Kerr – Australia and Chelsea, £17,776 per post

Top 10 Women Football Influencers
Sam Kerr eschews class on and off the field

A name that resonates with modern football purists due to her devastating qualities in attack.

Kerr was voted 2022 PFA Player of the season, and she has won many trophies in her career, namely; 4 WSL titles, 2 League Cups, 3 FA Cups and 2 cup of Nations.

She has a huge following on Instagram, in excess of 1.1 million and Sam Kerr loves to display snippets of her daily life.

Due to her popularity, brands such as IWC watches pay her huge amounts as a result of her partnership with the brand.

The 29-year-old lethal attacker makes £17,776 per post on Instagram.

5) Sakina Karchaoui – PSG and France, £23,238 per post

Sakina is a role model for Arabic women in sport

The 27-year-old is being sponsored by Nike and she has a deal with Xbox. Sakina is also a model for Pandora jewellery.

Sakina Karchaoui has £723,000 followers on Instagram and she was a leading force in France reaching the semi final of the last European Championships.

The PSG star is a Muslim and she has been seen as a role model for Arabic women in sports.

Per post on instagram, she makes a staggering £23,238.

4) Alex Morgan – USA and San Diego Wave FC, £43,752 per post

Alex Morgan makes staggering money from influencing the game via Instagram

Arguably the most popular female footballer on the planet, the 34-year-old continues to eschew her influence in majorly all fronts.

Morgan has been seen in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition on three occasions.

In 2015, the video game called FIFA also placed her as their cover alongside Inter Miami new signing Lionel Messi.

Alex Morgan has scored a staggering 121 goals for America and she is one of the most famous sports star in the United States Of America.

The 34-year-old has in excess of 10 million Instagram followers and she earns a whooping £43,752 per post on Instagram.

3) Jordyn Huitema – Canada and OL Reign, £59,836 per post 

Top 10 Women Football Influencers
Jordyn Huitema doesn’t shy away from sharing her love life on social media

She has a large following on social, with 1.3 million individuals following the Canadian star.

At just 22 years old, she is endorsed by Nike, and she is dating a sportsman, Seattle Mariners baseball player Julio Rodriguez.

Staggeringly, she pockets home £60,000 per post on Instagram.

2) Alexia Putellas – Spain and Barcelona, £88,853.

Top 10 Women Football Influencers
Alexia Putellas is currently Europe’s best player

Putellas is currently the best player in Europe and she plys her trade at club level at FC Barcelona.

She has a huge 2.8 million followers on Instagram and Alexia Putellas was handed the Ballon d’Or and FIFA TheBest Award for Women in 2021 and 2022.

It has been said that every post she shares on Instagram gets about 336 engagements.

Due to that, she earns £88,853 per post on Instagram. The 29-year-old has been out of action for the past one year, but she should be back in due time for the World Cup.

1) Alisha Lehmann – Switzerland and Aston Villa, £241,314 

Top 10 Women Football Influencers
Alisha Lehmann has got beauty, class and elegance

In terms of class, beauty and elegance, not many footballers trump her. Alisha is presently the biggest commercial star in women’s football.

The 24-year-old has a staggering amount of followers, in excess of 13 million, the highest presently for women in football.

Alisha Lehmann is very famous that she even has more followers than Tennis great Roger Federer, making her the most followed sports star on Instagram from Switzerland.

The Aston Villa player loves to share pictures of her banging body alongside her travels, adventures and luxurious lifestyle.

It is not shocking that several brands are swarming all around her and she rakes in a massive £241,314 per post on Instagram.


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