Thomas Tuchel of Chelsea says his team’s 4-1 defeat to Brentford at Stamford Bridge was ‘strange’

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Coach Thomas Tuchel has described the 4-1 defeat at the hands of Brentford as a strange result, adding that he did not know why his team lost control of the game at Stamford Bridge.

Ahead of the Premier League game against Brentford on Saturday, April 2, 2022, most football enthusiasts predicted that Chelsea would defeat Brentford because the reigning UEFA Champions League champions hardly lose to newly-promoted teams.

But the Premier League game looked like a repetition of what happened in April 2021 when West Brom stunned Chelsea 5-2.

However, in the game against Brentford, Chelsea started like a house on fire, dominating every aspect of the game. But the hosts were not able to penetrate Brentford’s defense.

In the second half, Chelsea’s defender Antonio Rudiger scored a stunning goal that the hosts ought to build on but that was not the case. Chelsea lost control of the game and got punished with three goals in 10 minutes. In the 87th minute, the visitors crowned it up with the 4th goal.

After the humiliating defeat, coach Thomas Tuchel said: “It was strange because we were working hard for the first goal and we know how hard it is to create chances against Brentford.

“They defend either very high and man-mark or defend very deep in a block of 10 men around the box. You need to be patient, have a fluid rhythm, and be intelligent and clinical to take little chances to have that first goal and break that block down.

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“Once we had [the opener] we stopped defending and gave three goals away in 10 minutes. It was very untypical and killed the game for us.

“I don’t know why we gave away a big chance straight after the goal and then the next one and from there we did not defend mature enough. We were not aware of the danger at these moments which is also very strange for us.

“We got punished. They made the most of these 10 minutes, which is maybe also not normal. It’s a summary of strange events. It’s on us. It’s our fault.”

Thomas Tuchel blames the 4-1 defeat at the hands of Brentford on the international break, mental fatigue, but insisted that it has nothing to do with Real Madrid:

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel.
Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel.

Chelsea vs Brentford Premier League game came three days after the March international break. The majority of Chelsea players just returned to the club from their countries after rigorous World Cup qualification games.

Over 96 percent of the players Thomas Tuchel decided to use against Brentford were all actively involved in their countries’ games during the international break.

Hence, after the 4-1 bashing in the hands of Brentford, Thomas Tuchel noted that it is always difficult to play games immediately after an international break.

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The German tactician also pointed to the mental fatigue his players might be battling with and that his team prepared for the game under cold weather but had to play the game under warm weather.

Unfortunately for Chelsea, the 4-1 defeat at the hands of Brentford is coming less than four days before the club’s UEFA Champions League quarter-final game against Real Madrid.

The first leg of the tie is coming up at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday, April 6, 2022, at 20:00. While the second leg comes up on April 12, 2022, in Madrid, Spain.

After the game against Brentford, some critics of the club speculated that Chelsea were distracted by the game against Real Madrid. But coach Thomas Tuchel insisted that the defeat to Brentford had nothing to do with the forthcoming Champions League game.

The coach said: “It was a tough start for us, we felt a bit leggy which is normal after an international break. But after 20-25 minutes we controlled the match, we controlled the rhythm, we were getting more and more fluid, created half chances.

“Second half, I was very happy with the start, finally we had the goal, which is normally exactly what we want to open up new spaces. But the opposite happened and I don’t know why.

“My expectations were not too high. It’s difficult to play after the international break. It’s a challenge to play as a favorite on top of it. To dictate the match and break down a well-organized and physical team. But we were in the lead and charge.

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“I felt us getting better and better. We got a beautiful goal. I don’t know exactly why we lost control for the next 10 minutes.

“Were we distracted by the Real Madrid game? Absolutely not. We selected the team that we thought was the best team. Not 1 percent on Real Madrid.

“Maybe if we’d lost it 1-0, 2-0, 3-0 going down and starting too late but it wasn’t the case. We started slowly in the beginning but that was more tired, not physically tired but mentally tired, not fresh enough.

“Yesterday we were wearing gloves and it was snowing during training and today it was very warm.

“It’s more difficult for us than for them to play as an underdog and be well prepared for this match. We were also well prepared but we were prepared in one and a half training sessions. I didn’t see the distraction there.”

The 4-1 defeat at the hands of Brentford has not changed Chelsea’s position on the league table. The club is still sitting on the 3rd spot with 59 points in 29 games. While Brentford are sitting on the 14th spot with 33 points in 31 games.

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