Thiago Alcantara says Jordan Henderson is one of the best midfielders he has ever played with

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Liverpool midfielder Thiago Alcantara has ranked his team’s captain Jordan Henderson alongside some of the world’s best midfielders like Iniesta and Xavi.

Jordan Henderson is one of the best midfield players I’ve played with
Thiago Alcantara

The Spanish midfielder who has had the opportunity to play together with some of the best midfielders in the world claimed that Henderson is also among the best midfielders in the world that he has played with in his illustrious football career.

Note that Thiago joined Liverpool in 2020 from Bayern Munich and has since formed a good partnership with Jordan Henderson in midfield for the Liverpool team.

Thiago Alcantara also sees Henderson as a good addition to Jurgen Klopp’s squad. The duo helped Liverpool to win the 2021/22 FA Cup final against Chelsea.

Henderson, on the other hand, overcame a poor start at Anfield when he joined in 2011 to become the club captain and one of the driving forces behind a revival achieved under a Jurgen Klopp.

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The Englishman has also excelled on the domestic and international stages, and Thiago undoubtedly holds him in remarkably high regard.

Speaking during a documentary celebrating Jordan Henderson’s anniversary of his arrival to Liverpool from Southampton, the Thiago used the opportunity to offer praises to his skipper, teammate, and friend. “He brings to us this intensity that the team needs at some points of the game,” he stated. “He’s intense the whole game. He’s one of the best midfield players I’ve played with in my life.”

Thiago Alcantara has played with great midfielders like Iniesta, Xavi, Kroos, Leon Goretzka, and Thomas Muller, and recognizing Jordan Henderson’s contribution to the midfield is a good credit to the English football icon.

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Although Thiago didn’t have a quick start when he joined Liverpool from Bayern Munich in 2020 he still won the English Premier League with the team. The 2021/22 season was better for the Spanish as he played a major role in the midfield position.

Jordan Henderson is one of the best midfield players I’ve played with
Jordan Henderson

He ended last season with an FA Cup and Carabao Cup medal, alongside the UEFA Champions League runners-up medal.

Meanwhile, Jordan Henderson has revealed that a sports psychologist helped him to become a better footballer when he joined Liverpool. According to Henderson, he was an introverted 20-year-old who always had to deal with his problems alone. But due to his poor performance at Liverpool, he decided to open up to the psychologist and things changed for him.

While sharing his story on Nike’s new Never Done documentary, Henderson said: “From that moment, I feel as though that really helped me find who I was in myself. For me, it was a big moment in my career that I met Steve and he gave me the right tools to use and the right mentality to use to get out of a mindset where I wasn’t feeling as confident as I was before I came to the club.”

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