The doctor said Christian Eriksen had a cardiac arrest and was gone before he was resuscitated

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According to the doctors in Denmark, Christian Eriksen ‘gone’ before cardiac resuscitation. “He was gone, and we did cardiac resuscitation. It was a cardiac arrest,” Boesen said. “How close were we [to losing Eriksen]? I don’t know, his doctors said.

“We got him back after one defibrillator, so that’s quite fast. I’m not a cardiologist, so the details I will leave to the experts at the hospital.”

Christian Eriksen collapses during the Denmark v Finland Euro 2020 match… what happened to him?

Denmark boss Kasper Hjulmand said he thought it was wrong for players to be asked if they wanted to continue the match following the incident.

“I know it’s very difficult,” Hjulmand said. “But looking back it was the wrong thing to make the decision between the two scenarios to the players in this case.

“Players were in a shock condition. Players who didn’t really know yet if they had lost their best friend. And they have to decide between these two things. And I have a sense that we shouldn’t have played.

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“I know it’s difficult. It’s just a feeling I have. Maybe we should have just gone on to the bus and gone home and let’s see what the next days would have brought.

“That’s just my feeling now, but I think it was a very, very tough decision that the players had to try to make a decision. I know it’s difficult, but I have a sense that it was wrong for the players to be given this situation.”

Today is the second day after Denmark player Eriksen collapsed during the match v Finland on Saturday, June 12, 2020. Doctors are still testing him to know the cause of the cardiac arrest.

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