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Mason Mount has not won a final in Wembley Stadium since 2019 and it continues after Liverpool’s defeat

Mason Mount, Chelsea Midfielder’s ‘curse’ of Wembley continues to plague his career, and we’re here to explain the Chelsea midfielder’s final heartbreak. When it comes to playing at the renowned stadium, the England international has had nothing but terrible luck. Since graduating to Chelsea’s senior squad in 2017, Mount has established himself as one of […]

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Alan Maguire, Harry Maguire’s dad broke two ribs when England fans started a fight at Wembley stadium – Euro 2020 final

England National team captain, Harry Maguire revealed that his dad, Ala Maguire, 56, was brutally injured during the chaotic stampede at Wembley stadium. His dad broke two ribs, which left him struggling to breathe. Ala Maguire, Harry’s dad was hospitalized, luckily he didn’t lose his life during the chaos. Maguire describes the incident as scary […]

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Andrea Belotti and Francesco Acerbi of Italy messed up Wembley Stadium locker room after winning Euro 2020

Andrea Belotti and Francesco Acerbi decided to mess up the Wembley Stadium after beating England on penalties to win the 2020 European Championship on July 11, 2021. Andrea Belotti, Francesco Acerbi, and other Italian players spent quality time on the pitch celebrating their hard earn Euro 2020 triumph. But the celebration did not stop there, […]

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