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U.S. men’s soccer players give reasons why their women counterparts should earn the same salary

The United States Men’s soccer players have declared support for their women counterparts over their equal pay lawsuit filed against U.S. Soccer Federation. The men’s soccer team made their support official on Friday, July 30 via an amicus brief. In the brief, the soccer players stressed that their women counterparts deserved more than equal pay […]

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Equal Pay in USA Soccer: People in Power don’t like the idea according to American goalkeeper Hope Solo

Equal Pay in American soccer has continued to be an endless debate especially during President Donald Trump‘s administration in the United States of America. It is believed that the outgoing American president does not like the idea of female soccer players earning equal pay as their male counterparts. To ensured that the dichotomy that exists […]

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President Donald Trump to Boycott US Soccer

President Donald Trump of the United States of America says he would no longer watch much of soccer in the country since the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) has decided to legalise the act of disrespecting the country’s anthem. Futballnews has reported that the USSF had decided to make a U-turn over their earlier decision […]

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