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Coronavirus restriction: Arsenal, Chelsea, and other clubs in London won’t host fans

Coronavirus restriction has returned to London and some other parts of the United Kingdom about two weeks after the restriction was eased on December 2 and fans were allowed into stadiums. This means that stadiums like Arsenal‘s Emirates Stadium and Chelsea‘s Stamford Bridge will not be able to host fans at their stadiums due to the restriction during their […]

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Marcelo Bielsa of Leeds United is not happy with the return of Spectators in some Premier League stadiums

Leeds United‘s coach Marcelo Bielsa is among those who are not happy that spectators will be permitted to return to some Premier League match venues from December 3. His agitation is against the tiers system which permits fans to return to some stadiums and not in all. Earlier today, the government of the United Kingdom […]

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Tiers System in England: London & Merseyside clubs can host fans, Manchester’s clubs can’t

The government in the United Kingdom has put the tiers system in England into motion as the categorization of stadiums into tier one, two, and three have been announced on Thursday. Clubs in Merseyside like Liverpool football club and Everton can host a maximum of 2000 spectators because Merseyside fell under tier two which means […]

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