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Jose Mourinho unveils new tattoo to signify his dominance in European football

Jose Mourinho hasn’t ever needed much prodding to gloat about his coaching achievements, but he has discovered a new way to do so: by getting a tattoo. Mourinho displayed the artwork that now adorns his right upper arm — the Champions League cup sandwiched between the Europa League and Europa Conference League trophies — with […]

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Active Footballers With The Best Tattoos 2022

Tattoos have become an essential aspect of a footballers lifestyle – and they are always eager to show off their ink. As is often the case, footballers do not ink their bodies just for the fun of it. Their tattoos have special stories behind them or relive memorable moments. From writing the names of their […]

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Some of the things you might not know about David Beckham’s Tattoos

Over the years, David Beckham who became famous as a football star has turned his body into a work of art; almost every part of his body has one form of tattoo or the other. David Beckham’s Tattoos have kept people talking about him years after he retired from professional football in 2013. You cannot […]

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Tattoos are no longer allowed on footballers in China

Football stars are not allowed to wear tattoos in China and those who have already inked their bodies have been urged to remove them. The new rule will affect football stars that are playing in the Chinese Super League and the country’s national team. But it is not clear whether he would affect foreign players […]

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