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El Salvador Stadium Stampede Leaves Twelve People Dead

Stampede at the Cuscatl├ín Stadium in El Salvador left at least twelve people dead as confirmed by the club’s officials. The said incident happened during a matchup with domestic teams Alianza and the Santa Ana-based team Fas at Cuscatl├ín Stadium. The incident happened 16 minutes into the match. The match was however suspended following the […]

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Six People Have Been Charged With Crimes In Connection With The Stampede In Indonesia

Indonesia Police chief have confirmed that six people including some Police officers and organizers are charged with crimes in connection with a stampede at a football stadium that claimed at least 131 lives. The maximum punishment for the crime of criminal negligence causing death is five years. The catastrophe occurred last week when police used […]

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Indonesia: PSG, Liverpool, Manchester United and Other Top Clubs Mourn victims of Stampede

The Stampede that occurred at the Malang East Varna Stadium, where Arema FC fell to ferocious rivals Persebaya Surabaya on October 1, 2022, claimed the lives of 174 spectators, making it a tragic day in Indonesia and in the world of football. The Police used disproportionate amounts of tear gas to disperse the gathering, which […]

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