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Coronavirus cases can stop football again, and the game will no longer be the same

Coronavirus cases among players and coaching crew in the Premier League are rising, sparking the speculation that the league might be abandoned again. Over a week ago, the Premier League announced that 40 players and members of staff tested positive for coronavirus which was the highest recorded number of coronavirus cases since testing began in […]

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The Premier League introduces a pay-per-view format to help teams generate income during COVID

The Premier League will start its pay-per-view system on Saturday with Newcastle United vs Manchester United match despite the widespread outcry against it. The new format of broadcasting Premier League matches is seen as a major way the Premier League could help teams generate income during COVID-19. It is no longer news that since the […]

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Manchester United as a Publicly-traded Company

Contents Who owns Manchester United? Manchester United’s Board Of Directors Manchester United’s Business Model Manchester United’s Stock Price Manchester United’s Stock symbol How to invest in Manchester United’s Stock How much did Manchester United lose during COVID-19? Manchester United Players Manchester United’s ticket sales How to get Match tickets for Manchester United home matches Manchester […]

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