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Despite liver and cardiovascular problems, Maradona suffers from alcohol withdrawal symptoms as he recovers from surgery

Argentina great Diego Maradona has been suffering from withdrawal symptoms from alcohol after recent surgery. According to a member of his medical team, Alfredo Cahe who said this Friday, the Argentine legend had to be .sedated by doctors to help him cope with withdrawal symptoms from alcohol dependency. This is incredible. 🙌🙏 Fans in Argentina […]

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Diego Maradona will be in the hospital for a few more days… his doctor says

Futballnews reported that Argentine football legend Diego Maradona had brain surgery to remove a clot and today his doctors want him to remain in the hospital for a while. For more on the story please click below. Diego Maradona’s Brain Surgery According to reports, Diego Maradona is currently being hospitalized in Buenos Aires as he […]

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