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Who are on FIFA 21 Pro Players Card List?

Pro Player Card is a special 99-rated player in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) that can only be used by a real-life professional footballer. This article will be looking at the current players on FIFA 21 Pro Players Card List. As a player, you might come up against a player with a special 99-rate card when […]

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Top ten strikers that you can pick from in your FUT Fifa gameplay

The FUT Fifa game is getting interesting with more insights into the top strikers you can bank on. This article will be shedding light on the top ten most used strikers in FUT gameplay. The role of strikers is mainly to bang in the goals. But the game has evolved as some of them has […]

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Affordable Premier League strikers that you can use for your FUT Fifa gameplay

I am sure that at this point, you are not struggling with how to set up your game tactics on FIFA 21. This article will introduce to you top FUT‘s Premier League striker under 100,00. Strikers are known for banging in the goals in the game of soccer. But they have their special features, ranging from […]

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