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FIFA 21: New football manager interface on career mode

Career mode is about the most popular mode on FIFA, and it has received a new facelift and features with a great interface. The new FIFA career mode now gives more control to gamers than previous editions. 2D pitch display The Player now has the choice to either watch the football manager mode in ‘dot […]

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FIFA21 Ultimate Team changes, co-op mode revamp, fitness card purge

Gamers will be more than happy with the removal of some features in the FIFA Ultimate game (FUT) game mode and some exciting new features. On the old FIFA edition, you’ll need to add a squad fitness card to get your squad to full fitness but has been completely removed from the FIFA21. The developers […]

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The launch date for the FIFA21 closed beta version and how to get a sneak peek

EA will launch its new FIFA21 worldwide in the month of October, however, some lucky fans will get the opportunity to test a ‘Beta-Version’ of the game before it is released. For every edition, EA release a beta-version to selected gamers to test run the game and also detect glitches or bugs that may cause […]

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