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Newcastle United Have The Best Defence In The Premier League In 2022-2023 Season

Newcastle United since the Saudi takeover have taken the Premier League by storm and currently have the best defense in the league. While Chelsea spent a record £482.64 million in transfers this season, Newcastle United surprisingly spent  £254.8 million in signing their current squad. Interestingly, Newcastle United’s spending is paying off as they are 4th […]

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Most Valuable Defenders In The World 2023

Most valuable defenders in the world currently are not just players who were bought at exorbitant prices, but who have maintained value. Defenders as we all know play a vital role in modern football as they just don’t defend their team’s backline but they do create chances, score goals as well as give assists. A […]

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The 10 best Centre-backs in the world Ranked

10 best Centre-backs: Find out which central defenders came out on top in our list of the best on the planet. Who is the world’s best center-back? We’re confident you’ve thought of something. However, judging this aspect of the pitch is challenging. Some defenders may be better than they appear and are merely playing in […]

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Antonio Rudiger Was Mobbed By Fans In Sierra Leone … One Even Hopped on His Back To Have A Better Look At Him

Antonio Rudiger, one of the best center defenders in the world, isn’t one to back away from a fight. The German international is a crucial cog in manager Thomas Tuchel’s system. He acts as a wall to attackers, and getting past him is a huge conundrum in and of itself. Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and […]

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Pep Guardiola spent Over Half a billion on Manchester City’s defenders but his team is still struggling

In the 2019-2020 season, Manchester City was the defending champions of the Premier League and had to chase Liverpool throughout the season. At the end of the prolonged season, Liverpool won the league with 18 points more than Manchester City. Liverpool had it so easy last season because Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City struggled throughout the […]

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