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Gareth Southgate of England reveals why footballers don’t want to be vaccinated against covid-19

The head coach of the Three Lions of England, Gareth Southgate has revealed that some footballers refused to be vaccinated against Covid-19 because of the conspiracy theory attach to it. He said most footballers especially the younger ones, tend to follow social media trends which were where the conspiracy against the covid-19 vaccine originated from. […]

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FIFA is Okay with Premier League policy to allow fully vaccinated players to represent their countries

The world football governing body, FIFA has no problem with the arrangement of the Premier League to allow fully vaccinated players to represent their countries during the October international break. The new Premier League arrangement means that players from the countries in the United Kingdom’s Covid-19 red list countries can travel to their countries and […]

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Sergio Busquets of Spain test positive for Covid-19 five days to Euro 2020

The captain of the Spain national team, Sergio Busquets has tested positive for the dreaded coronavirus 5 days before the commencement of the European Championship (Euro 2020). The 32-year-old defensive midfielder returned a positive result during the latest round of the Covid-19 test conducted in the camp of the Spanish national team. Hence, Sergio Busquet’s […]

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Rudiger helps to stem COVID-19 in Sierra Leone and Germany

Chelsea defender, Antonio Rudiger has made donations to help weather the COVID-19 in Sierra Leone- his parent native- and Germany. The 27-year-old center-back has bemoaned the rate at which the global pandemic shook the world, stating following the laid down COVID-19 protocol will help reduce the overwhelming cases of the virus “It was shocking. At […]

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