Super League: FIFA to ban players that participate in the proposed European competition

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World football governing body, FIFA, has declared that any footballer or club that participates in the proposed European Super League would be banned from participating in FIFA’s competitions.

In a statement FIFA issued today, January 21, in conjunction with the 6 confederations, on January 21, FIFA insisted that the clubs and players who participate in the competition would also be banned from participating in confederations’ competitions.

Recall that late last year, the news was everywhere that top clubs in Europe were proposing a super league which would only comprise of top clubs in the top 6 leagues across the continent.

The top 6 leagues where top clubs are proposed to be selected include the Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the Italian Serie A, the French Ligue 1, the German Bundesliga, and the Portuguese league.

When the news first broke late last year, some of the league bodies including the Premier League issued separate statements to distance themselves from the proposed Super League.

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The proposed league is said to be backed financially by an American banking giant JP Morgan and European giants like FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Manchester United are said to be supporters of the plan.

Since the new year started, the news about the proposed Super League has not been in the public space as much as it was last summer. But the press release from FIFA showed that the plan has not died down despite the silence it has generated so far this year.

The press release warned players against it, insisting that football competition should be won on the pitch which rubbishes the plan of having only the biggest clubs in Europe in terms of popularity and finance in one league tagged Super League.

Super League: FIFA to ban players that participate in the proposed competition
Fifa headquarters in Switzerland.

“Any club or player involved in such a competition would as a consequence not be allowed to participate in any competition organized by FIFA or their respective confederation…

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“The universal principles of sporting merit, solidarity, promotion and relegation, and subsidiarity are the foundation of the football pyramid that ensures football’s global success and are, as such, enshrined in the FIFA and confederation statutes.

“Football has a long and successful history thanks to these principles. Participation in global and continental competitions should always be won on the pitch.”

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