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Sport psychologist hails Messi and Rooney for giving apt response to coronavirus crisis

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A sport psychologist identified as Tom Bates has hailed Lionel Messi and Wayne Rooney for their response to the coronavirus crisis affecting the world of football. According to the analyst, the Argentine attacker is a global example when it comes to the argument of pay cuts and donation and taking up huge responsibility for the coronavirus outbreak that has spell doom on the world of football.

Recall that prior to the time the Barcelona star declared that Barcelona player has agreed to a pay cut during coronavirus outbreak, he has donated a huge sum of £1 million to Barcelona health authorities to intensify the fight against the virus. Messi played a huge role in ensuring that footballers play an immeasurable part in ensuring that there is the provision of funds and relief materials from footballers during coronavirus outbreak.

The 32-year-old attacker issued a statement on behalf of the Barcelona team on March 30 to confirm that the playing squad of the first team has agreed to accept a 70 percent pay cut to alleviate the financial problem of the club and also to make financial contributions to the health sector to join in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

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Interestingly, the decision of Barcelona player influenced the playing squad of Atletico Madrid and they also agreed to take a pay cut too.

Tom Bates also hailed Wayne Rooney for sensitizing the player on mental health and the effect of the lockdown on players. The former Manchester United player explained how the suspension could have a negative effect on the player whose daily routine has been disturbed by the outbreak.

Quoting the words of Tom Bates, he said: “The players that I have spoken with from the Premier League all the way through, they have different perspectives, naturally,” he told Stats Perform.

“One of the things that the guys have said is, ‘Well, actually at our club we are quite a wealthy club, so we could probably afford to keep our staff paid, but other clubs in different leagues won’t be able to do that’. Others feel like taking a pay cut to keep their staff on board is absolutely fine.

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“The classic case is Leo Messi, who started this and was one of the first players to take a 70 per cent pay cut in order to make sure the staff at Barcelona were able to carry on working, and I think that really is a global example to everybody when you’re talking about that level in money in wages, and that type of athlete.

“I am very privileged: I have met Leo Messi and [Pep] Guardiola over there in Barcelona together as a team, and it doesn’t surprise me that they are leading the way with this.

“If there was going to be a global example of a player out there doing something for the greater good of their club – and he embodies that for me – so, in my professional opinion, if you can afford that and if you’re able to support by taking a pay cut, then clearly those who need it the most are going to benefit.”

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While giving some accolades to the Derby County captain, Wayne Rooney, Tom Bates said: “Wayne is in many ways an ambassador, he is a cultural leader for the game, especially because what he has achieved at the international level, and certainly to be continuing his career even now and still performing at a very high level encourages others to do the same,” Bates said.

“When you have somebody like Wayne come and be very open and very honest about mental health on a global level within the game, that can only be a good thing because it encourages others to have conversations, to open up conversations and be courageous enough to talk about their own mental health, and of course talking about it is the first step to improving it.”

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