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Should VAR be scrapped in the Premeir League?

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The 2018 World Cup in Russia was the first time the world of football will experience an electronic video referee known as the Video Assistant Referee (VAR). Often times interesting games will be stopped in order to get the decision of the VAR.

Expectedly, the Video Assistant Referee [VAR] arrived the Premier during the 2019/20 season as promised by the world football governing body FIFA. Premier League is one of the most interesting leagues in the world, the competition among football teams in the league is a very fierce one, little wonder, the winner of the league can not be decided until the end of the season. Introducing VAR to Premier League will dull the game when football is stoped for a few seconds or minutes as the case may be just to know the decision of the Video Assistant Referee. This was the judgment of some analysts before the VAR was introduced into the Premier League.

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Reasonably, VAR has been in Premier for sometimes now, it has saved some teams from humiliating defeats while it also shattered the hopes of others. For the records, it appears the VAR has done more harm than good. Oftentimes after every game, the debate is always to know if VAR actually did justice by disallowing some crucial goals in the game.

For instance, the Premier League match between Chelsea and Manchester United that was played on the 17th of February is a perfect example. The Video Referee Assistant disallowed Olivier Giroud’s goal for Chelsea and gave Manchester United a penalty. It was glaring that Chelsea players against VAR and not Manchester United.

This and many more is the reason for this rhetorical question that has been asked often times.

Should VAR be scrapped in the Premeir League?

There are some sections of teams that would sign a petition that VAR should be scrapped, while there are some other sections that will never call for VAR to be scrapped. The basic truth is that those that have enjoyed a fair share of the Premeir League through the help of VAR will never call for the Video Assistant Referee to be scrapped while those that have been badly affected will call for it to be scrapped immediately.

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Nevertheless, with the improvements in the world of technology, the Video Assistant Referee has come to stay in the Premier League, it can only be improved and not scrapped.

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