2022-2023 premier league

Seven new rules were introduced into the 2022-2023 Premier League Season

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The 2022-2023 Premier League kicks off today, August 5th, with a resurgent Arsenal traveling to Selhurst Park to take on Crystal palace.

Are you ready to join millions of fans all over the world to witness the pulsating encounter? Great! But a few strange rules have been introduced into the game. It is just a few tweaks to lift the game and give it the needed momentum.

Are you so eager to bump into the pitch and celebrate the last-minute winner by your favorite player? Oops! That is a bump! The severe risk involved. Leave the 90minutes on the pitch for the players and celebrate after the match.

Here are the seven new rules introduced into the 2022-2023 Premier League which kicks off today.

2022-2023 premier league
2022-2023 Premier League Kicks off on August 5th 2022

Five-man Substitution

The Covid-19 pandemic did not just wreak havoc on our health institutions, the world of sports, particularly football, was affected. More players were allowed to be substituted in a match instead of the regular three subs per game. This was a way of relieving the clubs from the burden of a ravaging pandemic, which depleted squads and left teams with fewer options.

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The 2022-2023 Premier League campaign has adopted the five-man substitution. Don’t be surprised when almost half of the on-field players can be taken off the pitch to restructure the game or streamline roles.

Goalkeeper Positioning

2022-2023 premier league
Goalkeepers can step off the line to gather more momentum

Not a good one at all for jittery penalty-takers. The goalies now have the advantage of building momentum and saving penalties. The previous rule did not allow the goalkeepers to leave the line when a penalty is taken. The rule has now changed. Goalkeepers can step off the line when the spot kick is taken. This places them at more advantaged position to save penalties and win accolades.

Fan Bans

2022-2023 premier league
fans not expected to invade the stadium even after final whistle

This places the pitch strictly for the players and the seats for the spectators. Are you so eager to run into the pitch and celebrate a last-minute winner from your favorite player? The Premier League is saying No! What happened between Everton and Crystal Palace last season may not happen again this time. Expect stiff penalties for both the team and fans found culprits.

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More Balls

2022-2023 premier league
More Balls introduced per game

The Premier League is attempting to increase more time spent in the actual action of playing the game. They want to reduce unnecessary delays. The spectators are in for action. More match balls have been introduced into the game. The ball will be placed at strategic locations to ensure quick access.

Coin Tossing

Previously anyone could toss the coin of the game to determine which team starts the game first. In the 2022-2023 Premier League, don’t be surprised to see the center-referee toss the coin alone in all match venues. Coin tossing is now an exclusive reserve for center referees.

Offside And Onside Rule

2022-2023 premier league
Offside Rule Changed

An offside player is deemed offside whether the opponent touches the ball or not. This one is straight; with no twist. Once you are offside, the whistle will be blown; an appeal that the opponent touched the ball is immaterial.

Stricter Rule Against Officials During Penalty Shoot-outs

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Don’t think the referee has been disabled from issuing punishment to clubs’ officials on the sidelines. He has been empowered to use it well in the 2021-2022 Premier League. If an official oversteps his bounds or assaults a player or another official, he can be penalized by the center referee.

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