See the awkward way Alphonso Davies asked his girlfriend Jordy Huitema out

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Footballers are known for their profession but some of them looked to be shy on the romantic side. Such was the case between Bayern Munich defender, Alphonso Davies and his girlfriend Jordy Huitema.

In the hilarious youtube channel of the two lovebirds during the Q&A session, he revealed how he finally asked her out having been talking for over four months. Well, the good thing is that they have been dating for over three years now despite living in Germany and France respectively.

Huitema, who plies her trade with the PSG female team said it was an awkward moment when the Bayern Munich defender asked her out.

Awkward moment between Jordy Huitema and Alphonso Davies

“It was so bad,” she said.

” ohh terrible, I was 16. We all train together. And I pulled her aside and I said ….” Davies said.

“No,” she cuts in. “You didn’t train there. You had training in the morning and you came to the school to pick me up.”

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“I was in the academy. I had a double session,” he defended himself to the disagreement of his girlfriend.

“He just came,” she said.

“Anyways, I came to walk her to the training. In my head, I was like ‘today is the day Iam going to do it’.

“Mind you, I was really nervous, I wasn’t really comfortable with the situation. So, I stopped her and say listen. I tried to find confidence from somewhere. So, then something inside me told me to say it.”

Mimicking the way Davies was pouting his lips, the PSG player described how he popped out the question: “So, you want to be Davies Alphonso’s girlfriend?”

Happy and confused to hear that, Huitema, who was then 15 said she was nervous and accepted. The rest they say is history.

Alphonso Davies and Jordyn Huitema deep into each other despite the distance

The lovebirds are impressing friends and strangers on the pitch, as well as off it.

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With their youtube channel, they have become one of the couples of the moment and each one makes his life in Germany and France, respectively. 

Whenever they are together, they make material for their Jordyn & Alphonso Youtube channel and they come with their hilarious moments.

19-year-old Davies had crowned his breakthrough campaign at Bayern by winning a Bundesliga, DFB Cup and UEFA Champions League treble.

Alphonso Davies and his girlfriend Jordy Huitema play for Canada national teams

He was also named the Bundesliga’s Rookie of the Season. He has also been nominated for the 2020 Golden Boy award.

Davies has played 49 competitive games for Bayern since joining the club from Vancouver Whitecaps in January 2019. He has also scored four goals and created nine assists.

Huitema, who is also Canadian international striker, is having a good season with the French side.

The Vancouver Whitecaps FC graduate is also an important player for both club and the national team. One of the high points of her career so far was her decisive goal during the second half of Canada’s 1-0 win over Costa Rica in the Tokyo Olympic qualifiers.

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That makes it the fourth time the Canadian women’s soccer team will qualify for the Olympics. They have won two bronze medals at the previous two Games.

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