Sean Dyche Laments After Helping Everton To Escape Relegation

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Sean Dyche admits that he took no joy from Everton avoiding relegation as he confirms that there is much work to be done.

Sean Dyche Gives Everton Truth After The Escaped Relegation

The celebration was mad for Everton and their fans as fans ran to the center of the pitch in excitement after the final whistle of their last league game.

Everyone at Everton was glad they have beaten Bournemouth as it almost proved disastrous for Dyche’s men.

While the fans were celebrating Sean Dyche and his men, within five minutes of the final whistle, they were also chanting: ‘Sack the board!’

That is when Sean Dyche marched into his post-match debrief and began to deliver home some truths.

“It’s a horrible day for all concerned,” Dyche said.

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“There is no joy in it for me, other than getting the job done. I came in here to change a mentality and I think there have been signs of that. There is still more to go. I said to the players, we shouldn’t be here. Enjoy this today but it has got to change”.

“There is no point in sitting on it and saying, “Look how great we are, because it is not like that. There is loads to change here and a lot of work to be done but it was a big step to secure it.”

“Work on next season started the day I got in here. Don’t think I thought this was an easy fix because it is not.”

Dyche also confirmed that some fundamental changes need to be done at Everton as well despite their stay in the Premier League.

The coach is quite right as Everton is not exactly a destination for players looking to pursue new challenges in their career.

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Sean Dyche went on to add: “I’ve tried to be realistic since I’ve been here but the problem with realism is not many people want it because it sounds boring.”

“At the end of the day it is time for that. There was a time when this club went from, ‘Let’s just do everything’ but there is a time for realism. We need to get the fans connected to what we are as a team, to what I am as a manager.”

“Then there will be a day when a fashionista can come in and we’ll have a beautiful product but what we need now is a rawness, a heartbeat Evertonians can grip to.”

Sean Dyche

Sean Mark Dyche is an English football manager and former player who was born on 28 June 1971 and is the manager of the Premier League club Everton.

In Dyche’s playing career, he played as a center-back, making his professional debut in 1990 and representing Chesterfield – whom he captained and scored for in an FA Cup semi-final.

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The Englishman became the coach of Watford after retiring in 2007 and he managed the club also from June 2011 to July 2012.

Dyche became the longest-serving manager in the Premier League in 2019 but was dismissed by Burnley after a poor performance.

He joined Everton in January 2023 after they fired Frank Lampard and has helped the club avoid relegation this season.

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