Sadio Mane Tore Leroy Sane’s Lips After Punching Him Following Bayern Munich’s 3-0 Loss to Man City

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Sadio Mane reportedly punched teammate Leroy Sane in the face following Bayern Munich’s 3-0 loss to Manchester City at Etihad Stadium in the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final round.

Sadio Mane punched Leroy Sane
Sadio Mane punched Leroy Sane’s mouth

Rodri’s curling shot from distance in the first half gave Guardiola’s side the lead against the German champions before Bernardo Silva headed in a second goal.

After the interval, Norwegian star Erling Haaland completed the scoring as City got the best of Bayern in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

However, the beating didn’t end on the pitch as two Bayern Munich players were reported to have picked up a fight in the dressing room following the 3-0 loss.

The former Liverpool star Sadio Mane allegedly smashed Bayern Munich team-mate Leroy Sane in the mouth during a dressing room confrontation on Tuesday night, April 11.

The two Bavarian players had been seen arguing on the pitch during the shocking 3-0 defeat to Guardiola’s City at Etihad Stadium.

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Sadio Mane punched Leroy Sane
Sane and Mane arguing on the pitch

The trigger for the fight is allegedly said to be in the 83rd minute when Leroy Sane complained to Sadio Mane about an attempted run in behind the defense.

Sane wanted the ex-Liverpool star player to come quickly and he angrily told him so supposedly in a downtrodden manner.

And their dispute only aggravated in the dressing room, according to the Skysports report.

The fight was said to be calmed after the duo’s team-mates separated Mane and Sane in the dressing room following the physical altercation, which reportedly arose from Mane’s infuriation over how Sane had talked down at him during the match.

Leroy Sane’s lip was bleeding after the Senegalese landed him a punch following the heated confrontation.

Mane was supposedly even told to wait outside to avoid more assaults.

However, Bayern Munich have yet to make any comment on the reported incident.

Meanwhile, after landing back in Munich, following the defeat, Sadio Mane, who was a substitute in the Champions League match, was picked up privately from the airport while Leroy Sane was conveyed via the team’s bus.

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Sane covers his face to hide his bruised lips after Mane landed him a punch

What’s next for Sadio Mane?

Sadio Mane punched Leroy Sane
Former Liverpool star, Sadio Mane

It’s strange to have seen Mane responding to an altercation fiercely as the Muslim devotee is known to be a calm person.

Mane could face punishment from the club for punching his teammate and leaving a mark on his face from the blow.

What’s Next for Bayern Munich?

Bayern Munich will next be seen in action on Saturday, April 15 against Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga campaign.

The match will take place at Allianz Arena with kickoff scheduled for 2:30pm.

What’s your take on Bayern’s loss, their possibility for a comeback against Manchester City, and Sadio Mane’s attack on his teammate, Leroy Sane?

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