Sadio Mane Sends Message to Senegal Government Amidst Political Crisis


Bayern Munich forward Sadio Mane has waded into the current political crisis bedeviling Senegal.

The gold-rich country, ensconced on the coast of Atlantic Ocean, has been touted as one of the most stable democracies in West Africa.

Senegal has flip in political crisis ahead of the 2024 presidential election

However, the country has suddenly flip into an abyss with seething protests and agitations against what Senegalese people believe is the gradual emergence of a more ”repressive state” under the watch of the current President Macky Sall, 62.

Reports from Senegalese media claims Macky Sall, who became the President of Senegal since 2012, has been using the state machinery to suppress opposition and muffle dissent ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Main opposition figure Ousmane Sonko

The government has reportedly deployed high-handed measures to quell opposition movement with Senegalese activists and opposition figures, backed by a teeming youth population, leading massive protests to register their displeasure on the government’s high-handedness.

The streets of Dakar have been swarm with angry protesters who are demanding an end to the undemocratic practices by the Macky Sall-led government.

Protesters have clashed with security agencies with the government embarking on massive arrests and ban of demonstrations.

Violent protest rocks Dakar after Sonko sentencing

The sudden change in Senegal political landscape has been linked to the increase popularity of a renowned opposition figure, Ousmane Sonko, 48.

Sonko enjoys a massive political following in Senegal especially among the youth population.

Today, 2 June, 2023, Ousmane Sonko, who was arrested by the Macky Sall-led government, has been sentenced to jail on charges of rape and “corrupting the youths.”

The court sentence sparked a massive unrest and fresh demonstrations.

According to Aljazeera, nine people have been confirmed dead and scores injured as angry protesters clashed with the Police after the court ruling.

Tyres were burnt on the streets, houses set ablaze and buses in flames as violent demonstrations rocked Dakar in protest of the ruling.

Sadio Mane reacts to the violent demonstrations and killings

Taking to his social media handle, Sadio penned a political statement calling for an end to the bloodshed targeting youths in Senegal and the political repression in the country.

He wrote;

“Too much blood has already been spilled in 2 years. It is essential. It is essential all stakeholders across the country join their efforts immediately to restore peace.

“Attention. We must preserve our youth. It is out first wealth. I love Senegal.”

Sadio Mane is a respected Senegalese statesman

Outside his heroic career with Senegal national team, Sadio Mane is held in high regard in Senegal for his charity works in the country.

Mane donated £500,000 for a hospital to be built in his hometown in Bambali.

Mane built hospital in his hometown Bambali

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he donated £41,000 to the Senegalese government to assist the government in curbing the impact of the disease.

He also donated £250,000 for the construction of a new secondary school, including laptops to students in his hometown in Bambali.

Mane wins maiden edition of Socrates Award

On 17th October, 2022, during the 66th Ballon d’Or awards, Sadio Mane won the maiden edition of the Socrates Award, a special award for footballers who have demonstrated a great sense of social responsibility by engaging their communities with meaningful projects and charity work.

Sadio Mane relationship with Macky Sall

Sadio Mane (left) and Senegal President, Macky Sall (right)
Mane (left) and Senegal President, Macky Sall (right)

Despite his charity work in Senegal, Sadio Mane has no political relationship with Macky Sall.

Before Mane built the hospital in his hometown for Senegal, he reportedly met with Macky Sall to discuss the proposal which was approved.


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