Ryan Reynolds tables cheeky offer to Wrexham captain Ben Tozer who ‘flirted’ with his mother

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Ryan Reynolds might have been served more than he expected after Wrexham’s pulsating victory over Nott County, it seems he might have gotten a new step father. 

Wrexham took a massive move towards promotion on Monday with a 3-2 win over the East Midlands side. 

They had firstly gone behind by 1-0 but they eventually found a way to defeat their opposition via a 78th-minute strike from Elliott Lee. 

The drama was not completed there as Ben Forster historically stopped Notts County penalty to secure the three points. 

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

That win resurrected wild jubilations all over the Racecourse Ground, including from Reynolds’ mother Tammy, who was part of the crowd in Wales for the big match.

Laura Woods said Ben Tozer has been flirting with Ryan Reynold’s mother

The Captain of Wrexham Ben Tozer elaborated on the post match jubilations in a conversation with talkSport presenter Laura Woods and established that he had taken a shine to Tammy. “Ryan Reynolds” mother has been flirting with you as well, you’re her favorite,” Woods told the Wrexham captain. 

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Tozer answered: “Not quite her favourite, but we had a lovely hug though,” before he then left listeners laughing uncontrollably with the comment: “She’s not a bad looking woman at 77, it’s got to be said!”

Ryan Reynolds, a star of the Deadpool franchise has since replied with several social media posts. Firstly making a post on Twitter in response to Tozer’s remark, he stated: “Get promoted and I’ll make you my new stepdad, Tozer.”

Reynolds might have a few questions to answer first though having already supposedly vowed his mother’s hand in marriage to one of Tozer’s teammates. 

He had in the past shared a picture of Tammy and striker Ollie Palmer after the victory against Notts County. 

A caption on the post read: “@olliep9_ making all my mom’s dreams come true. #StepDad.”

Irrespective of who might ultimately marry his mother, Reynolds will be hoping that his team can complete the job and secure a place in League Two before the expiration of the season. 

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Ryan Reynolds showing his support to his side

Wrexham are at the brink of promotion to the League Two

Wrexham currently sit three points clear of Notts County with a game in-hand. They have four games still to play this season against Barnet, Yeovil, Boreham Wood and Torquay. 

If Wrexham manages to secure promotion to League Two, they will be returning to the Football League for the first time since 2008.

In an interview after the full-time whistle against Notts County, co-owner Ryan Reynolds stated: “I’m used to working under extreme pressure, but usually I have some kind of control over it. I have nothing here, all I can do is watch and hope like everybody else.

He added: “It was a pressure cooker coming into it for both of these teams. What both have achieved is historic on every level and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like that.”

Match Highlights of the Wrexham V Nott County game Below:

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