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Ryan Giggs begins a 10-day legal battle to clear his name of domestic abuse

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Former Manchester United left-winger and wales coach Ryan Giggs has begun a long legal battle to save his name against allegations of domestic violence.

Ryan Giggs And Girlfriend Ms Greville

It is not the best of times for Ryan Giggs as the legendary Premier League icon and former Manchester United left-winger appeared in court at Manchester Minshull street for a 10-day trial on charges of domestic violence. He has been accused of attacking and assaulting his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville, 36; an allegation the 48-year-old has denied and pleaded not guilty to.

The former Wales men’s national team head coach has also been accused of assaulting Greville’s sister and will be docked for ten days at the Manchester Minshull court to answer the charges.

After a seemingly high point in his managerial career in Wales, Ryan Giggs was arrested by the British police forcing him to resign his position as coach of the Wales senior men’s national team. For the first time in the history of Wales football, the former interim and assistant manager at Old Trafford qualified Wales for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Note that coach Rob Page acted on Giggs’ behalf during the qualifiers series.

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Due to the ongoing domestic violence scandal, Giggs has stepped down permanently as Wales’ coach and Page has been named as the country’s head coach ahead of the World Cup.

Ryan Gigs And His Legal Team

Giggs, led by his legal team arrived at the court on Monday morning, August 8, 2022, amidst a scrum of photographers eager to take shots of the former Premier League legend.

Ryan Giggs allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville in Worsely, Greater Manchester at his home on November 1, 2020.

Ryan Giggs’ relationship with Ms. Kate Greville since 2017 has been a tale of abuses, assaults, physical and psychological abuses, threats, and intimidation, Chief Prosecutor Peter Wright QC says.

Ryan Giggs is accused of inflicting bodily harm on Ms. Kate Greville on November 1, 2020, including an assault on the sister of the victim Emma Greville.

Peter Wright contrasted his idol status on the pitch to the terror he bred inside him in his private life.

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According to Wright, who testified before the court, Giggs had on one occasion bundled out his partner Ms. Kate Greville naked from a five-star hotel when she accused him of flirting around with other ladies. He had also allegedly used threats, blackmail, and intimidation to coerce and force his partner to do his wish. He once reportedly showed up unannounced in Ms. Kate Greville’s house to compel her to dance to his whims and caprices.

After rounds of abuses, threats, and coercion Kate Greville decided to finally break up with Giggs in 2020. All she got was bitter and aggressive Ryan Giggs who headbutted and threatened to leak personal details of their sexual relationship to friends.

Gary Neville had also reportedly shown up at a gym to bombard Greville with threats of divulging all her naked pictures if she disobeyed him.

Ryan Giggs has denied all allegations leveled against him and had stated that he looks forward to clearing his name from all the allegations as leveled by the Chief Prosecutor.

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Ryan Giggs

A jury of 12 judges consisting of 5 men and females has been set up to oversee the 10-day trial. Before the commencement of the trial, the Jurors were asked whether they were related to Sir Alex Ferguson or Gary Neville so as not to tamper with the integrity of the judgment.

The former Manchester United legend may be sentenced to five years imprisonment if found guilty.

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