Ruben Dias can’t be dropped – Man City boss Pep Guardiola

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Manchester City gaffer, Josep Guardiola has clearly stated that Ruben Dias cannot be sidelined from the team because he has made himself ‘undroppable’ at the club.

The Portuguese defender came to Ethiad before the inception of the 2020/21 campaign from Benfica in September with a huge amount-68 million euros.

On arrival, the 23-year-old center-back has been pulling up a good performance at the club, booking his place in the first team at Ethiad.

Guardiola lauded Dias, saying that he always pulls good display in his preparation for any match. He advised him to maintain this form, as it depends on him.

“Every step he does, at home, on or off the pitch, eating, sleeping, recovering time, preparation time, everything is to be perfect during this 95-minute football game, It depends on him to maintain and hopefully we can help him to grow. We are more than satisfied.” Guardiola said at a press conference.

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“He’s not just a player who plays good, he’s a player who makes the other guys play good too. It’s 90 minutes talking, 90 minutes communicating, 90 minutes saying what they have to do in every single action. When that happens, it’s difficult for me and undroppable.”

Dias has a solid tie with England’s John Stones, who is looking to find his way out of the club at the end of the season. The English player has been admired by Arsenal and Everton, but he has gained his ground in the first eleven of City.

John Stones

“What I want from my players — all of them, not just John — is to be happy and he struggled to be happy here, especially with injuries, some personal problems, for many reasons, a lack of minutes,” the former Barcelona boss said.

“I didn’t see him like he is right now. In the past he was not like he is now, with the stability, the mentality, happiness, commitment focusing and everything.” he continued.

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He said before the resurgence of  Stones, he had encountered some rainy days, making him be at the pecking order at the club, but ‘he overcame the situation’.

“He overcame this situation himself. He could have fallen down and go even more down, but it was completely the opposite. He said ‘no, I’m here, I know how good I am.’ He didn’t need my confidence, he didn’t need the words.

“Players who need confidence to play, it’s a big mistake, he cannot be here. John overcame this situation himself. That’s why he deserves all my respect and he deserves a big compliment.”

City will be hoping to stay as league leaders when they play Burnley today. After today’s match, they will be preparing for a great test against Liverpool at Anfield next Sunday.

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