Roy Keane

Roy Keane reveals how he offended his wife, Theresa Doyle due to his tattoos

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Roy Keane, a legend at Manchester United, has revealed how the tattoos in his right arm almost cause a crisis in his home.
On his arm, the current Sky Sports pundit has the names of his four children but not that of his wife, Theresa Doyle.

Keane recounted how his wife once asked him why he didn’t add her name to the tattoos on his right arm. The 51-year-old Irish football icon who has been married to Theresa Doyle since 1997 said he told his wife that he decided that to tattoo her name on his arm because she might someday not be his wife again.

According to Roy Keane, his children will always be his children come what may hence he tattooed their names on his right arm excluding that of his wife.

Roy Keane was quoted as saying: “I have my kids, Shannon, Caragh, Aidan, and Leah, (tattooed) on my right arm… The wife did inquire as to why I had declined her offer, and I said, “They will always be my children, but you may not always be my wife,” to which she took exception”.

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Roy Keane enjoying a time out with his wife Theresa Doyle.

Roy Keane’s Career:

Every side Keane has played on throughout his career has benefited greatly from his presence, but none did more than Manchester United. He is regarded as one of the fiercest captains in Irish and English football.

The most recent player to be admitted into the Premier League Hall of Fame in 2021 was the former captain of Manchester United, Keane.

He joined Manchester United in the 1992-93 season for the then-record British transfer fee of £3.75 million.

Roy Keane
Roy Keane

Roy Keane didn’t need much time to become a first-team regular at Manchester United. The “class of 92,” which included players like David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, and the Neville twins who rose through the ranks at Manchester United, was also aided by Keane.

Roy Keane at Man Utd

Keane was appointed club captain at Manchester United after Eric Cantona’s sudden retirement. Roy Keane won the FA Cup four times, the Champions League once, and the English Premier League seven times while at Manchester United.

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International Career:

For the majority of his career, Keane led the Ireland team as captain. In every game he played in the 1994 FIFA World Cup, he served as the team’s captain.

Roy Keane
Roy Keane

The 2002 World Cup, however, did not go as planned due to a disagreement between Keane and national team coach Mick McCarthy, which led to Keane being cut from the Ireland squad.

The Irishman played 67 times and scored nine goals for his country. Putting the statistics aside, Keane’s mere presence on the field intimidated the opposition.

A Career as a Manager:

In 2006, Keane made a comeback to the game as the manager of Sunderland. Keane demonstrated his managerial abilities by leading Sunderland from 23rd place in the Football League Championship to the division title and ultimately earning promotion to the Premier League.

In 2009, he took over Ipswich Town, although despite adding players to the team, Keane’s team ended 15th in the Championship, far from being promoted. Ipswich’s subsequent season-long slide to the 21st spot finally resulted in Keane’s departure from the team.

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Two years later, in November 2013, Keane was given the job of Irish national team assistant. Later, Keane also took on the role of assistant manager at Aston Villa.

Roy Keane
Roy Keane

When Roy Keane’s book was published in 2014, some people thought it was odd for an assistant manager to write it while the Euro 2016 qualifiers were scheduled. However, Keane received backing from Martin O’Neill, the manager of Ireland.

To devote more time to his national team, Keane departed from his position at Villa, and in 2018, he also resigned from his position as Ireland’s assistant manager. He has been serving as a football pundit since then.

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