Rooney replaces Audi with a Lamborghini for Tevez (image)

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Carlos Tevez

In the interview with ESPN, Argentina International forward Carlos Tevez revealed that Rooney has once gifted him a luxury car. The report says Rooney replaces Tevez Audi with a Lamborghini. 

Former Manchester United players, Tevez and Wayne Rooney have been together from 2007 to 2009. Then, the Argentine left for Manchester City to spend a great five years. He has 58 goals in 113 appearances for the City.

On the other hand, England forward, Rooney spends his wonderful times with the Red Devils. He has 183 goals in his 393 appearances for the United from the period of 2004 to 2017. Later, he joins Everton to continue his goalscoring record for the Toffees.

Wayne Rooney

These two forwards have always been together because of the connections they share. Just like the rapport between Real Madrid defender, Marcelo Vieira, and Christiano Ronaldo then Real Madrid forward.

However, the reports say that, Rooney replaces Tevez Audi with a Lamborghini.

Rooney and Tevez
Rooney replaces Tevez Audi with a Lamborghini

Following the interview, Tevez continues that he turns up with his Audi whenever everyone is turning up with Ferrari. Which he did not bother about the complaints.

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“I spoke to Rooney and, the crazy guy that he is, he told me ‘take the Lamborghini”.

“I went, without registering, around Manchester with this car, he gave it to me,” Tevez in the interview.

The Argentinian shares some sameness with N’Golo Kante of Chelsea. Kante also binds himself with his mini car given to by Leicester City on his first arrival at the club.

Besides, everyone condemns the Frenchman for not buying new cars. But not only did he not like new cars, but he also does not like luxury things.

He appears simple and does things in a gentle way regardless of his wonderful display on the pitch.

Though, we will not stop seeing their type in the world of football. Again, Didier Drogba also uses iPhone 6 while everyone else is using iPhone 11 pro-max. Everyone hit him for not changing the phone and he still did not worry.

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Well, sometimes it is not all about money, they have the money. It is about choice.

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