Ronaldo and Manchester United Faceoff: FIFA Rules, Jorge Mendes, Contract Termination Clause Explained [Details]

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Manchester United may likely terminate the contract of Cristiano Ronaldo after his explosive interview with Piers Morgan.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract at risk after the bombshell interview with Piers Morgan

Ronaldo unnerved netizens, sparking a barrage of reactions following his controversial interview with Piers Morgan.

The Portugal international went candid in his claims on the dwindling standards, the falling facilities, and incompetency in the Man United hierarchy.

He blasted Erik Ten Hag for disrespecting him; an apparent reaction to his dwindling fortunes at Old Trafford under the former Ajax boss.

While Manchester United have issued a statement responding to the bombshell interview, some fans and pundits have called for an outright termination of Ronaldo’s contract.

Former teammate turned pundit Rio Ferdinand, who has been a strong supporter of the Portuguese star, has bent, saying it is absolutely to defend Cristiano Ronaldo at this point.

Gary Neville said Ronaldo has “banged out of order.” So far, much opposition rather than support has greeted Ronaldo’s interview.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The thirteen times Premier League champions finally broke their long-held silence after the interview, but maintained they are studying the situation to collate all the facts before taking action while focusing on the togetherness and unity of the team.

Among possible disciplinary measures to be unleashed by Manchester United is outright contract termination.

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However, a step to terminate the contract of the Portuguese star will require specific measures and steps to be taken, with FIFA Rules and Ronaldo’s agent all brought to the nexus.

A litigation lawyer David Seligman, whose firm is working with Manchester United and has overseen various cases involving footballers and clubs, has weighed into the possible legal clauses that the Red Devils may have to leap over to terminate Ronaldo’s contract.

Seligman revealed that Manchester United could have the right to terminate Ronaldo’s contract due to a ‘material breach of the implied duty of trust and confidence’.

Simply put, Cristiano Ronaldo could be dismissed, as Manchester United (the employer) has lost confidence in Ronaldo (the employee) to the extent that it will be impossible for him to return to work.

Seligman’s statement read; ”After that interview, Man United would likely have grounds to terminate Ronaldo’s contract – material breach of the implied duty of trust and confidence as well as express terms regarding bringing club into disrepute”.

Cristiano Ronaldo

David Seligman is a Senior Associate who has advised and represented different players, football clubs, and agents on a wide range of legal issues.

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He has argued that Man United could terminate the contract on what he called a “just cause.”

A “Just cause,” in this context, refers to the right of the employer to discipline or terminate the contract of the employee for negligence or misconduct.

David Seligman argued that Ronaldo’s action could be said to be a misconduct.

Meanwhile, FIFA’s official rules state: ”A contract may be terminated by either party without consequences of any kind (either payment of compensation or imposition of sporting sanctions) where there is just cause.”

Seligman – who has overseen international transfers of over £100million, also said that Manchester United could withhold payment from Jorge Mendes – Cristiano Ronaldo’s after the termination of the contract.

Premier League clubs are always responsible for paying agents fees acting on the club’s behalf when buying players. This happens in the majority of transfer deals, and it’s part of the transfer arrangement.

Agents also receive additional payments to maintain a good relationship between the player an the club. Meaning Mendez stands to miss out on a paycheck if Ronaldo’s contract is terminated due to the interview.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo’s contract termination will affect his agent, Jorge Mendez, according to David Seligman

The Interview by Cristiano Ronaldo means that Ronaldo’s relationship with Manchester United is strained, and Jorge Mendez is set to lose out also, Seligman argued.

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”United could probably withhold agents payments too. Agents paid for ‘further services’ to maintain a stable relationship between club and player….i.e. the opposite of what this interview appears to be!”

Seligman went on to speak about Ronaldo’s registration to Manchester United Football Club. He admitted that FIFA’s rules and jurisprudence on player registration were complicated.

He wrote: ‘#FIFA rules/jurisprudence on player registrations are not all that simple. #MUFC could terminate contract but retain registration for purposes of compensation if termination is caused by #Ronaldo conduct. #CR7 legal position very interesting now.’

Meanwhile, FIFA’s rules state: ‘Professionals who end their careers upon expiry of their contracts and amateurs who terminate their activity shall remain registered at the association of their last club for a period of 30 months. This period begins on the day the player made his last appearance for the club in an official match.’

Ronaldo’s interview has called into question his loyalty to the Old Trafford club, and his contract is at risk as Manchester United braces up for a decision following the interview.

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