Ronaldinho is out of prison after posting £1.3 million bail… he will continue serving on home arrest

images 2020 04 08T083729.419
images 2020 04 08T083729.419

Former Brazilian and Barcelona star player, Ronaldinho has regained freedom from Paraguayan prison alongside his brother Roberto after they served just 32 days in prison. The duo has been allowed to leave the prison and placed on home arrest after they had spent about four weeks in the clutch of Paraguayan prison.

It would be recalled that the former football legend and his brother were arrested earlier in March after they attempted to gain entry into Paraguay using a fake passport. Reasonably, they were both sentenced to six months in jail. However, they have been freed after spending 32 days in prison and they are now placed under a house arrest with strong surveillance after they paid £1.3 million bond.

While in prison, Ronaldinho invested most of his time to feature in prison football matches to keep himself together. Quite a number of pictures and videos have surfaced online after he was released to be placed on home arrest.

Meanwhile, it could be recalled that sometimes in March rumor report emerged that Lionel Messi was planning to hire a lawyer that will help his former teammates to escape a jail term. The report came as a light of hope to the Brazilian star and many other observers that don’t want their football living legend to become a convict.

However, the rumor was cleared by the six times Balon d’Or winner some weeks ago. He stated that truly he felt concerned about his fellow sportsman been arrested and charged to court. Nevertheless, he has not mentioned or had plans to hire a lawyer on his behalf.

Also, Ronaldinho’s lawyers argued in court that the fake passports were given to the football legend as a gift from a local sponsor. Whereas, the former Brazilian talisman was not aware that he might get himself into trouble if he should make an attempt to use the passports. He explained that his client mistakenly tendered the fake documents while he was trying to gain pass into the South American country.


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