Roman Abramovich’s yacht is the world most advanced superyacht, check it out

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Roman Abramovich‘s yacht known as Solaris is the world’s most advanced superyacht and it cost the Russian billionaire 600 million dollars to acquire it.

Over the years, the owner of Chelsea football club has proven that he loves to cruise around the world on expensive boats and his latest acquisition shows that he is a man of taste.

The new Roman Abramovich’s yacht was first seen on sea earlier in August and Yacht experts claimed that the yacht has the most technologically advanced features that have never existed on a boat.

Roman Abramovich's yacht known as Solaris

Abramovich is worth over £10 billion which means that he has a lot of money to splash on anything he desires to have which includes expensive toys like Solaris.

The Solaris is the second yacht that is currently in the possession of Roman Abramovich and his eighth of such acquisition. The other yacht which is still in his possession is known as Eclipse. He bought it in 2010.

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According to reports, Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse is currently worth £1 billion due to the upgrade he has undertaken on the boat over the years.

It was rebuilt in 2015 and the security on the boat was upgraded to match up with current realities. Futballnews gathered that the Eclipse is 553ft and comes with a missile defense system.

It can accommodate 24 guests. It has two swimming pools, hot tubs, a sauna, a nightclub, a cinema, conference room, children’s playroom, hair salon, and a mini-submarine that can dive to 50m.

Why the new Roman Abramovich’s yacht known as Solaris is so special

Roman Abramovich's yacht known as Solaris
The new Roman Abramovich’s yacht known as Solaris.

Roman Abramovich‘s yacht known as Solaris was built at the Lloyd Werft shipyard in Bremerhaven, Germany. It is a 460ft tall yacht that comes with eight decks that can be accessed using a lift. It also has a helicopter pad which can be converted to an outdoor cinema with hidden speakers and screens.

Reports claimed that the new Roman Abramovich’s yacht which has luxurious state of the art 48 cabins can accommodate 36 passengers and 60 crew members.

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One of the reasons that make the yacht the most technologically advanced yacht in the world is the fact that it comes with two advanced engines.

The new Roman Abramovich‘s yacht is regarded as the most costly custom-made superyacht ever built. It is also regarded as the 15 biggest yachts in the world.

The yacht comes with a gym, sauna, Jacuzzi and it is expected that it comes with a swimming pool. It also has an outdoor ‘beach club’ at the aft section of the upper deck.

More so, Solaris comes with a flotilla of 20 high-speed jet skis and one helicopter to ferry guests from the boat to shore.

The security on Roman Abramovich’s yacht

Roman Abramovich's yacht known as Solaris
The new Roman Abramovich’s yacht known as Solaris.

The new Roman Abramovich’s yacht known as Solaris comes with a system of secret, pirate-proof passageways.

It is expected that Solaris can cruise on all forms of bodies of water including on high seas. It falls under the explorer class which can cross oceans.

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Hence, it comes with high-tech security apparatus which includes a shield system that can target the photosensitive elements on digital cameras, and disable them with a laser.

Another important security feature on the boat is the fact that it comes with a radar-controlled missile detection system, bulletproof windows, and armored protection around the wheelhouse and main cabin.

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