Robert Lewandowski Surpassed Benzema in Goals This Season, Is He The Best No.9 In Spain?


Who is the best striker between Karim Benzema and Robert Lewandowski? This is one of the biggest debates in the world of football right now.

Benzema and Lewandowski
Lewandowski and Benzema

The two football greats have helped their sides win by scoring fantastic goals and setting up victories.

At the pinnacle of his game, Karim Benzema has helped Real Madrid win the UEFA Champions League in 2022 with crucial goals.

The French superstar, however, wasn’t able to accomplish much this season and lost all hope of winning the Champions League as Manchester City humiliated Real Madrid 5-1 on aggregate.

Aside from the thwarted Champions League title this season, Benzema won the Spanish Cup, UEFA Super Cup, and FIFA Club World Cup with Madrid this season.

Meanwhile, despite Barcelona losing in the Champions League group stage, the Polish striker Robert Lewandowski has been more remarkable than Benzema, scoring more goals in the UCL than him.

Lewandowski managed to score five goals in five matches in the Champions League this season, while Benzema had only four goals in ten appearances.

Lewandowski, who has scored 21 goals in La Liga this season, has also outscored Benzema who has netted 17 goals so far.

Since joining Real Madrid in 2009, Benzema has scored 352 goals in 645 appearances for Los Blancos in all competitions, demonstrating that he is an outstanding goal scorer and a well-rounded No. 9 at the top of the game.

The French great, who won the La Liga, UEFA Champions League, and the Ballon d’Or last season, had one of the best seasons a forward could have.

Lewandowski, on the other hand, has been scoring lots of goals, helping his old team win the Bundesliga, and is currently running things with Barcelona in the La Liga campaign this season.

Lewandowski has scored 31 goals in 42 games for Barcelona this season in all competitions.

Both players have won the Champions League, although Benzema has five UCL titles with Real while Lewandowski only has one with Bayern Munich in 2020.

He has also won eight league titles in France and Spain. He also defeated Lewandowski to win the 2022 Ballon d’Or.

Karim Benzema and Lewandowski

Karim Benzema was born on December 19, 1987.

He is a French professional footballer who plays and captains Real Madrid.

He is regarded as one of the greatest strikers in history and is a talented forward known for his ability to score goals as well as his technical abilities, vision, and adaptability on the pitch.

Robert Lewandowski, on the other hand, was born on August 21, 1988. He is a Polish-born professional football player who captains the Poland national team and plays as a striker for La Liga Club Barcelona.

Robert Lewandowski

Lewandowski is recognized as one of the greatest strikers of all time and one of the most successful players in Bundesliga and Bayern Munich history.

He is known for his positioning, technique, and finishing.
For club and country, he has scored more than 500 goals in his senior career.

Who is the best 9?

Even football commentators struggle to decide between Robert Lewandowski and Karim Benzema on the topic of the world’s best No. 9s.

Benzema and Lewandowski

When asked to select between Lewandowski and Benzema, fellow Frenchman Kingsley Coman previously told Rothen Enflame that: “It’s difficult to choose since they are two very distinct profiles.”

“Lewandowski is among the finest in the world, if not the best, as a box-to-box striker. Lewandowski lacks qualities in the game that Karim possesses.”

“It all depends on the striker type you choose and the system you are using. The two belong to the elite in the world, that much is evident.”

Before deciding to join Camp Nou, Lewandowski scored 344 goals in 375 games for Bayern. He now competes against Benzema domestically, who has 352 goals in 14 years with Real Madrid.

They have both been among the La Liga top goal scorers. Lewandowski leads the La Liga scoring with 21 goals, while Benzema has scored 17 goals so far this season.

While Karim Benzema received his first Ballon d’Or in 2022, Lewandowski claimed he was wrongfully denied it in 2021.

The two have a fantastic touch in the game and a track record of scoring goals. They perform the standard number nine job while dribbling a little bit and dishing out assists.

Robert Lewandowski and Karim Benzema Trophies

The two have played for the top European teams, aiding them in winning the most prestigious football championships.

Benzema ranks second all-time in goals scored and assists for Real Madrid.

Karim Benzema has won 24 trophies with Real Madrid, including five UEFA Champions League wins, four La Liga championships, and three Copa del Rey crowns.

On the other hand, the former Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski is a champion multiple times over.

He has ten Bundesliga titles, four DFB Cup titles, six DFL Super Cup titles, one UEFA Super Cup victory, and one Champions League title to his name.

Who is more skilled Lewandowski or Benzema?

Unquestionably, Lewandowski and Benzema are the two best forwards in football, but Lewandowski has the advantage.

Even though he plays the same number of games, he has more goals and assists. Additionally, he has several individual honors.

However, Benzema has more aesthetically pleasant objectives.

Net worths of Robert Lewandowski and Karim Benzema

They both play for elite teams and are among the most well-known names in world football. According to estimates, Robert Lewandowski is worth at least $85 million.

He makes $398000 per week playing football, which provides him with the majority of his income.

Benzema, on the other hand, may be worth up to $60 million. He is showier than Lewandowski, as seen by his opulent vehicles, amazing fashion sense, and jewelry. He receives a $311000 weekly salary.

The Style of play of Karim Benzema and Robert Lewandowski

One of the greatest attackers of all time, Benzema is renowned for both his goal mastery and playmaking.

He has been referred to as an “immensely talented striker” who is “strong and powerful” and “a potent finisher from inside the box” with either foot, as well as with his head, despite being naturally right-footed.

He is also a prolific forward who is creative, skillful, quick, agile, and good in the air.

His Real Madrid boss, Ancelotti, called him “the best striker in the world” in 2021, making him one of the top strikers of his generation.


Meanwhile, Lewandowski is regarded by many as one of the top attackers in the world and as one of the greatest center-forwards of all time.

Lewandowski is a prolific goal scorer who uses both of his feet and his head to finish accurately and effectively, earning him the nickname Lewangoalski.

He is described as a well-rounded forward who possesses nearly all the essential traits of a classic number nine, including height, strength, balance, pace, intelligent movement, and ability to stand on both feet.

Who do you believe to be the best after highlighting some statistics from both players to show the difference between Karim Benzema and Robert Lewandowski?


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