REVEALED! Why Marcus Rashford Broke Up With Fiancee And Childhood Sweetheart, Lucia Loi


It’s no news Marcus Rashford has ended his fairytale romance with fiancee and childhood sweetheart, Lucia Loi.

However, what actually drove a wedge between the two young lovers was unknown. Now, the reason the prolific young footballer and the first-class Accounting Officer decided to go their separate ways has been unraveled.

Marcus Rashford
Marcus Rashford proposed to Lucia Loi in 2022

Marcus Rashford and Lucia Loi fell for each other since 2015 when they were beginning to navigate a career path for themselves back in school. They have been together from childhood and have grown in love and affection for each other.

Lucia Loi regularly shove her busy schedule to join Marcus Rashford to the stadium where her lover shows off his skills and mastery of the game.

In 2018 and 2022, Loi joined Marcus Rashford to the World Cup, including other England wags.

Marcus Rashford
Lucia Loi and Marcus Rashford

However, the glittering gloss of affection and love was not devoid of goosebumps that threaten to tear the two lovers apart. In 2021, Marcus Rashford and Lucia Loi were temporarily separated due to a break in communication during the COVID-19 Pandemic but they were able to navigate their way back to each other and start afresh.

It was another fiery and contagious love episode between Rashford and Loi. They spent more time together and were obviously growing together. A year after the reunion, Marcus Rashford proposed to Loi on a holiday in California.

It was another beautiful moment in their love journey. The Man United youngster pop the question to Lucia Loi amidst his friends and Man United pals and she graciously accepted. It was a celebration galore after then. The pair went chilling with friends after the proposal.

Now, a year after the proposal, Marcus Rashford and Lucia Loi are back again on conflict ends, torn apart and going their separate ways.

Rashford recently spotted with Courtney Caldwell in a Miami party

While no concrete faceoff have been reported between Rashford and Loi, the Sun reports sources close to the two lovers said Marcus Rashford had seemed to press for more freedom and space in the relationship to get down with some personal stuffs.

The move by Rashford is believed to have subsequently driven the wedge between them again after the breakup in 2021.

It has also been disclosed the two lovers have chosen to ward off media spotlights on the relationship after the recent breakup and have decided not to comment on the incident.

Marcus Rashford
Courtney Caldwell has been spotted with Marcus Rashford since he broke up with Loi.

Meanwhile, there are projections the two lovers may likely find their way back soon despite the split as it happened in 2021 but Rashford seemed to have moved on with his life.

He was recently spotted in a party in Miami, chatting and having a nice time with bikini-clad ladies. One of the ladies, later identified as, Courtney Caldwell, a US-based body therapist, was seen walking Rashford back to his apartment as early as 5am, sparking reactions she may be the new girl in Rashford’s life.


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