Retired Goalkeeper, Benedikt Pliquett, Who Has Several Sex Shops is Accused of Robbing His Estranged Girlfriend

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A retired goalkeeper, Benedikt Pliquett, who has different sex shops, has been accused of stalking and robbing his estranged wife.

Since ending his career in July 1, 2016, the German former goalkeeper has opened different sex shops as a means of earning a living.

Pliquett was also accused of attacking his estranged wife and his boyfriend. The goalkeeper was traveling in a car and watching over the couple before they stopped around 12:30 a.m.

He proceeded to rip open his wife’s and his boyfriend’s car doors. This prompts the wife to tell the boyfriend to run away so that nothing will happen to him.

It was alleged that the goalkeeper dragged the wife, whose name wasn’t disclosed, out of the car and took away the car keys and handbag.

The incident was followed by Pliquett locking the wife in the car before driving away in his own car.

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In addition, the boyfriend of the estranged wife proceeded to call the police, and the Police had to get in touch with the former goalkeeper.

After communicating with the police, Pliquett returned the handbag and car keys to the wife.

Furthermore, the police released a statement saying, “An investigation into robbery has been initiated.”

If found guilty, he faces a prison sentence of five to six years.

However, it was revealed that Pliquett used one of his shops to sell necessities such as toilet rolls, cleaning products, and food during the COVID-19 period.

Who is Benedikt Pliquett?

Benedikt Pliquett

The goalkeeper was born on December 20, 1984, in the city of Hamburg, West Germany. He is currently 38 years old.

Pliquett has a height of 6 feet and 6 inches. He started his career at SSC Hagen Ahrensburg.

The goalkeeper made his first senior appearance for FC St. Pauli in 2004. Pliquett left the club in 2013 after making 91 appearances.

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Benedikt Pliquett

During his stay at FC St. Pauli, he won three Hamburg titles. He joined Sturm Graz in 2013, making 26 appearances.

The goalkeeper continued his career by joining Atletico Baleares in 2015. Benedikt Pliquett decided to end his footballing career in 2016 after a season with the club.

The former German goalkeeper has an Instagram account with 21 posts. He is following eight people, and has 1,124 followers.

Benedikt Pliquett

Throughout his career, he was never signed for a penny. His movement from one club to another had always been on a free transfer.

His career was not really top-notch, and he was never called to represent his national team due to the lack of recognition from the managers in charge of the Germany national team then.

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