Real Madrid To Punish Federico Valverde For Punching Alex Baena in Laliga Clash

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Real Madrid are set to mete out punishment against Federico Valverde for assaulting Alex Baena during a Laliga game.

Federico Valverde
Real Madrid considering punishment for Federico Valverde after Alex Baena clash

The Uruguayan lost his cool against Alex Baena after an on-field faceoff between the two players in Real Madrid Vs Villarreal Laliga clash.

The Laliga champions suffered a major blow to their attempt to defend the title after they fall to a shock 2-3 defeat to Villarreal at Santiago Bernabeu.

After the game, MARCA reports Federico Valverde assaulted Villarreal player Alex Baena for allegedly making negative remarks on the Uruguayan.

Valverde is said to have waited for Alex Baena where Villarreal team bus was parked and punch him in the face when he came outside because of the alleged negative remarks.

What did Alex Baena said to Federico Valverde?

Early in the season reports have emerged Valverde’s pregnant wife, may not be able to deliver the Uruguayan’s son due to complications in the pregnancy.

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Federico Valverde
Alex Baena allegedly made negative remark on Federico’s Valverde’s family

However, a medical test later conducted on the pregnancy indicated the infant was hale and hearty and will be delivered successfully.

Alex Baena reportedly made an obnoxious reference to the compliacted pregnancy during a Copa Del Rey game between Real Madrid and Villarreal to the hearing of Federico Valverde.

Baena said, “Cry now that your son will not be born,” (source, Marca)

Federico Valverde
Alex Baena

Valverde took offense at the remark but did not react after the game.

Now, during the 2-3 Laliga defeat to the visitors at Santiago Bernabeu, Federico Valverde alleged Alex Baena has repeated the remark which angered him the more.

After the game, he waited for him at where Villarreal team bus was parked and punched him in the face in anger.

Reactions to the incident

Alex Baena took to his social media to express his satisfaction with Villarreal’s historic win at Santiago Bernabeu but added he was disappointed with the assault by Federico Valverde because he did not make the alleged negative remark.

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“Very happy with the impressive victory for the team on a stage like the Santiago Bernabeu, but at the same time very sad about the aggression I suffered after the match.

‘[I am] surprised by what is being said about my person. It is totally false that I said [comments about Valverde’s family].’

Alex Baena

There were reports Federico was set to escape punishment since the referee did not capture the incident on the match report.

However, the Spanish FA will be ready to swing into action if Alex Baena decides to press charges against Valverde.

Now, according to reports from Spanish media outlets, Real Madrid are considering internal sanctions for Federico Valverde due to the incident.

Federico Valverde
Alex Baena and Federico Valverde in action in Real Madrid Vs Villareal

He may likely be fined and suspended from a number of games by the club.

Also, there are reports Spanish football authorities will slam him with a possible 12-game ban now that it has been confirmed Alex Baena has pressed charges against him.

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Federico Valverde has 12 goals and 2 assists for Real Madrid in all competitions this season. His Real Madrid career could take a wild tumble due to the imminent ban.

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