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Real Madrid star player Isco celebrates birthday with wife and kid amidst coronavirus lockdown [Photo]

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Real Madrid star player Isco with real name as Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez shared a picture from his 28 year birthday celebration with his wife Sara Salamo and their little baby son Theo. The Spaniard shared a loving picture of his family on his official Instagram handle with an emotional caption where he talked about some of the lessons the coronavirus lockdown had taught him.

While we are all clamoring on the negative effect of the pandemic on the world’s economy, our social life and safety at large, we should not also forget the lessons the outbreak of Covid-19 has taught us all. Covid-19 struck the entire world unannounced earlier this year and since then life has not remained the same.

People all around the world have been forced to learn a new style of living different from the one they have been used to. The outbreak has taught people all around the world to cherish the people around them. For footballer players, it gave them the luxury of time to spend with their family and loved ones. Asides from that, it also gave them the opportunity to spend quality moments with their families.

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One of such moment is the birthday celebration. For football players playing in top clubs in Europe, birthday is one of the most celebrated events for them. They would not mind shutting down an entire city with their teammates to celebrate their big day. However, the lockdown order put in place to control the spread of coronavirus has taught them a new and better way of celebrating a great day.

Reasonably, they have no choice but to celebrate their big day with their consanguine family and Isco’s birthday was not an exception from this new trend.

Today is undoubtedly a special birthday, due to the confinement and the situation we are going through! I hope this helps us to realize that life is wonderful as well as short … we have to value even the smallest detail and that is what I have learned with this pandemic! I miss people that I love very much on this day! But I am lucky to [email protected] for taking care of me and surprising me every day not only today! to Isco jr who today cannot be with me but is always present and to Theo who, although he doesn’t let me nap when he smiles at me, caresses my soul! And they both are the engine of my life! Thank you all for wasting a second of your life for remembering me and congratulating me, I am very loving and that is the most important thing! Send a message of encouragement to all the people who are suffering in this situation and as my mother says: EVERYTHING ARRIVES AND EVERYTHING HAPPENS AND ONE MORE DAY IS ONE DAY LESS, in short, thank you very much

Isco was born on April 21, 1992, in Spain. He plays professionally for Real Madrid after he signed a deal worth about £30m with the Los Blancos in 2013. Isco is one of the best-attacking midfielders in the world, he is hailed for his ability to dribble, score fantastic goals and create goal chances.

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Real Madrid was not left out in the birthday celebration of Isco, they uploaded a picture of him online and wish him a super-duper birthday.

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