Reactions As Masked Premier League Player, Dide, Releases Hit Rap Song [Video]

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A masked Premier League player, disguised as Dide, has spark reactions after releasing a rap song, titled ‘Thrill.’

Dide Song
Masked Premier League player, Dide, releases hit rap song

Dide appeared on his rap music video masked up, staggering the imagination of the fans who tries to figure out who he is.

Not only did he garnered attention with his masked face, Dide’s debut single is a banger and hitting the waves.

Going fully solo, the mystery player hit the nail on the head matching his rap lyrics with a perfect sound rhythm punctuated with good sceneries.

The song titled “Thrill” is indeed a thriller. The dark shade in the background of the video dotted by towering skyscrapers and blue lights serve well Dide’s intention to saturate the video with an aura of mystery.

Dide Song
Football fans are still pondering who the masked player could be

Despite lavishing the transitions and effects in the video with dark scenes, some eagle-eye fans are already suggesting and nosing that the player might be a Londoner due to the nature of buildings in the video.

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However, a fan’s best guess seemed to have gone wild when he said the player in the mask, Dide, could be beleaguered Manchester United star, Mason Greenwood.

Side song

Other top Premier League stars were guessed by the fans to be the voice behind the mask.

Other point fingers on Alex Wobi, Jesse Lingard, Harry Maguire, while others thought him to be Harry Kane, Harvey Elliot, and Aubameyang.

Side song

Others came close with their guess saying it may be an Arsenal player.

Beyond the guess on who the mystery player could be Thrill is a great rap masterpiece as captured by the description in the video.

The incredible artist plumb the depths of his emotions detailing his struggles and fears which he keeps off the lane of his fans but kept gnawing at him in the dark.

The artist also explore far larger issues plaguing the society from inequality, identity, and social crisis.

Perfectly weaving his deep reflections into his lyrics, Dide proved a big talent that has not only honed his football skill but his musical skills.

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Who is Dide?

A great sound but a puzzling identity; Dide’s identity remains unknown but he may not hide for long with his mask.

Dide Song
Dide’s identity is still unknown

First, the video is obviously set in London from the sceneries and transitions as spotted by the fans. Secondly, Dide’s lyrical lines features quotes like “every game is like a final” and “my team stay winning.”

These lines seems to be a reference to Arsenal’s Premier League title challenge this season and the player may rightly be guessed as an Arsenal player with the video setting.

Also on the Dide’s Instagram page, the unknown player has already described himself as “a player on the pitch and musician at home.”

Already, some fans guessed the stage name “Dide” as put forward by the artist is an anagram for “Eddie Nketiah” – Arsenal Premier League star.

The anagram theorists are convinced Eddie Nketiah is behind the masked player because of the closeness between the stage name and his real name.

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Besides, one of the fans have hinted he once spot the Premier League star rapping inside his car.

Notably, all the guesses on the identity of Dide remains unverified. It is still unknown who he is and which club he plays for but his Thrill sound is a great song

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