RB Leipzig won 2 – 1 over Atletico Madrid: Leipzig going to Champions League semis for the first time

RB Leipzig

Breaking news, RB Leipzig beat Atletico Madrid and they will be heading to the Champions League Semifinal for the first time in history.

  • Tyler Adams’ strike was his first-ever goal for RB Leipzig in what is his 28th appearance. Stage.
  • RB Leipzig is the first team to knock Diego Simeone’s Atlético Madrid out of the Champions League without Cristiano Ronaldo in their squad.
  • Atletico Madrid to face PSG in the Semi
  • 71′: Tyler Adams comes on 87′: Tyler Adams scores
  • Upamecano and Gimenez were absolutely amazing in this first half. Top performance from both these guys for their respective teams!
First goal by RB Leipzig
Equalizer by Atletico


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