RB Leipzig Has Signed Manchester United and Chelsea Transfer Target 

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Benjamin Sesko, a striker for RB Salzburg, has been signed by RB Leipzig. 

The agency of Sesko held discussions with several teams, including Manchester United and Newcastle United. 

But Leipzig now owns the Slovenian international. While signing a contract with Leipzig through 2028, he will play the season on loan with Salzburg. 

Benjamin Sesko was passed over by Manchester United and Chelsea after RB Leipzig made it known that he would join the club next summer.

Delaying a permanent move away from Salzburg for another year makes sense to support Sesko’s development because he probably isn’t ready to make the transition to starting every week in the Premier League or even the Bundesliga. 

“There is a lot of pressure when joining a team like Manchester United or Chelsea, especially if you play as the primary striker”, Sesko explained. 

RB Leipzig

At his age, having unwarranted expectations is unhealthy, and the Bundesliga is known for bringing in and supporting young, promising players.

Recently, Sesko has come to Manchester United’s attention in their search for a new striker. 

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He may not be ready to start games regularly right away because he is a young player, but he has been deemed a player with tremendous potential.

Last season, the Slovenian international scored double digits for the first time in his career. 

He scored 11 goals in 37 games for RB Salzburg in all competitions.

For Sesko, the new season has gotten off to a good start. From his first three outings in 2022–23, he has netted two goals. 

There have since been reports that he might be able to transfer to a bigger team.

However, it has been assumed for the entire time that Sesko will remain at Salzburg for one more season before leaving. 

As a result, any plans by teams like Manchester United to sign him this summer have been postponed. 

They now seem to have given up on getting him in 2023 as well. 

Fabrizio Romano claimed that Sesko will soon join RB Leipzig in the summer. 

Of course, it would be a common path for transfers. Numerous athletes have advanced from one sister club to the next. 

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Sesko, for his part, is prepared to carry out the strategy of remaining with Salzburg for another season. 

Then, it appears likely that he will join Leipzig.

Salzburg has been steadfast in its determination to hold him until 2023, despite the German team’s attempts to sign him for this summer. 

However, an agreement for that summer might be worked up this week. 

Romano also disclosed that Sesko is waiting in Germany for a contract that runs through 2028. 

Leipzig will therefore endeavor to assist him during some of his most exciting formative years.

They will be adequately covered until Sesko can sign up because they are also about to acquire Timo Werner back from Chelsea this summer.

Sky Sports Deutschland’s Florian Plettenburg estimates that Sesko’s transfer fee will be in around EUR 24 million (or about £20.3 million). 

Man United could have afforded it without a doubt, but a move requires the consent of multiple parties, so perhaps this one was never feasible. 

His progress will determine if it would later come back to haunt them. At the age of 19, he does, however, appear to have potential. 

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It is now impossible for Benjamin Sesko to be seen in the Premier League until 2024 at the earliest, barring a stunning change of events that do not seem forthcoming, as a move has already been finalized for next summer. 

Sesko, who is 6 feet 4 inches tall, possesses the physical qualities to frighten defenders. 

He might make a wise choice by moving on to Leipzig. He would hope that it may serve as a launching pad for a flourishing career at a higher level. 

Beyond that, he might have other actions to perform. However, the focus right now is on his growth. being properly managed. 

Sesko expressed his happiness at being able to move to RB Leipzig in 2023 and that the trade was already finalized. 

One of the premier clubs in Germany, RB Leipzig is steadily rising to the top of the European league. 

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