Rafael Leao Has A Second Career Away From Football And Calls Himself WAY 45

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Portugal International and AC Milan winger Rafael Leao has another career away from football as a musician.

Leao is a multi-talented individual and he has shown that in his daily life as he has a career in the two biggest sources of entertainment.

Rafael Leao Has A Second Career Away From Football And Calls Himself WAY 45
Rafael Leao.

The 23-year-old goes by the stage name “WAY45” when he puts on his musical career hat and he has in the past opened up on his passion for rap music.

In an expository interview in February 2023 with Milan News, Rafael Leao revealed a lot about his music career.

Rafael Leao was questioned on his recent song and if it was his latest album.

The 28-year-old replied: “We chose to make an album because then I can make even more music, more songs and others could hear more.”

Furthermore, he was asked how his love for music began and the Portuguese said:

“My dad played music when he was young, my uncle was a DJ so inside the house I always had music close to me.”

He added: “I started writing first, then put the beats on it during the quarantine. I had nothing to do, I couldn’t go to training but I trained at my house.”

AC Milan’s skillful attacker who is assisting the Rosonerri to a possible 8th UCL title although face a stern test in the Semi-final against Inter Milan said he also started a small studio in his home and began learning.

“And then I did a mini studio at home, I started learning and rehearsing, those close to me told me that maybe there was an opportunity to pursue”, he said.

“I like making music, going to the studio was a bit far, so I bought headphones, microphones, that stuff.

Rafael Leao also enquired from his producer what he needs to set up his mini studio.

He explained: “My producer sent me what I needed to buy and I made a little studio in my house so I can make songs whenever I want.”

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Asked how he knew he liked rap over other genre of music, the 23-year old said:

“For the messages. I used to listen to it a bit when I was training, there were messages about never giving up and stuff like that, it stuck with me.”

The man who grew up listening to artist like 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Kanye West has been able to pair side by side his music and football career and excel in both.

Rafael Leao was also quizzed concerning his artist name and how it was coined.

Leao revealed his rap name, Way 45, has a connection with the place he comes from stating: “Way in English means path, 45 is the postal code of my neighborhood.”

The name of his neighbourhood is “Bairro da Jamaica.”

Rafael Leao has expressed that he currently sees music as a hobby. He however doesn’t see himself getting to the top with the way things are presently, although he has been persistent with it because he likes music.

Rafael Leao’s single titled Desabafo is the song he said he loves the most that he has made.

He revealed he talked about his family amongst other things during the three-minutes-and-thirty-two seconds track.

Leao stated: “Desabafo. I talk about my family, my territory, what I’ve been through, the important people in my life who have brought me here.

“I wanted to tell my story, as I said before, when I was a kid and there were my friends doing things in front of me that I couldn’t do. It had to be a journey, and I played with it.”

Concerning how many songs he has written in total, The former Lille attacker stated he didn’t know the exact number.

He said: “I can’t give an exact number. More than 50. When I get to my house in one day I make 2-3 pieces. I finish training, get home, rest, wake up at 5:30/6pm, watch Netflix, listen to a beat. I go to the studio at 7, at 8:30 I eat and at 10, 10:30 before I sleep I do this until midnight.”

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Asked on what his team-mates think about his career in music.

He said: “Before they laughed a little, they put the songs on as a joke and I immediately told them to turn them off (laughs).”

Rafeal Leao
Rafeal Leao

On his target in the game of football and as a musician, Leao said:

“In football, the Champions League, in music, to bring my name as high as possible. To be known at the top of music.”

Rafael Leao also revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone UK that Zlatan Ibrahimovic laughed at his musical career.

He was asked if he had played his music to his other teammates at AC Milan and Leao said:

“Yes, they’ve heard it! Some have laughed at it, but others have been more supportive.

The 23-year-old was afterwards asked, who laughed?

He said: “Zlatan Ibrahimovic laughed at it. He laughed at it and told me to focus on football instead! But the rest have told me to keep going and doing my thing.”

The 23-year-old who has had an impressive season with AC Milan also established what made him become a rapper, stating it was because he was shy although he also has a knack for music.

He said: “I always wanted to do something in music and I find it really allows me to express myself because I’m shy.

“I’m a shy person and I don’t always show my emotions and my feelings. But through music I can do that, and it’s just like another world for me.”

Leao, who has netted 13 goals and provided 13 assists in 44 appearances for the Rossoneri has been involved in several musical projects so far in his up and coming music career.

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Overall, Rafael Leao has scored 63 goals and made 41 assists in 213 games  so far in his football career.

Songs Rafael Leao has been a part of

The former Lille attacker collaborated with RICCO CVSH to release the song titled “Only One” in 2021.

Rafael Leao “WAY 45” also dropped several songs notably Desabafo, Cada Passo, Broke N Down, Paginas, Big Bodies, Evitar, Intro, Sacrificios, Escholas, Desabafo 2, Ballin and Layah.

The music video of Rafael Leao’s last song titled “Layah” where he featured Salah has amassed 1.3 million views on YouTube and it was released 10 months ago.

Who is Rafael Leao?

The man who has once being compared with Arsenal great, Thierry Henry is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a winger for Italian giants AC Milan and the Senior men’s national team of Portugal.

Clubs Rafael Leao has represented and where he was born

Leao was born in Almada, Setúbal District, to Angolan parents and he has represented two clubs in his career prior to joining Milan namely Sporting Lisbon and Lille.

Rafael Leao’s relationship status

According to multiple sources, Rafael Leao is single and he is currently focusing on footballing career and music career.

When was Rafael Leao born?

Rafael Leao was born on the 10th of June 1999 in Portugal and his father’s name is Antonio Leao, information concerning his mum is however unknown.

The net worth of Rafael Leao (WAY 45)

Leao’s net worth is reportedly said to be €1.4 million ($1.37 million) and he earns a weekly wage of €34,423.

Rafael Leao’s present market value

The former Sporting Lisbon attacker’s present transfer market valuation is €70,000,000.

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