West Ham United Kick against ‘Project Big Picture’

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West Ham United are not in support of the proposed “Project Big Picture” which seeks to restructure how football is run in England and how decisions are made in the Premier League.

The controversial proposal was the brainwork of two top Premier League clubs, Manchester United and Liverpool football club. Some of the controversial aspects of the proposal are the abolishment of Community Shield, reduction of Premier League clubs from 20 to 18, reducing the number of teams promoted or relegated to 2 per season; and more veto power to the top 9 clubs in the league.

Though West Ham United will be part of the 9 clubs that will be granted the special status due to their longevity in the Premier League, the London club has reportedly stressed that the club would not be in support of the deal.

A source from West Ham United told BBC Sport that the London club was not part of the plan from the start and only saw details of the proposal when it was published on Sunday, October 11.

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West Ham United's stadium in London.
West Ham United’s stadium in London.

According to the source, the proposal which was reportedly instigated by Manchester United and Liverpool was the 17th draft and the groundwork of the proposal reportedly started in January 2020.

Apart from West Ham United, other 8 clubs that make up the top 9 clubs that will be given special status once the proposal becomes law are: Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, Southampton, and Everton.

More so, the “big 6” in the Premier League, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham, are seen as the biggest gainers of the proposal because the sole power to have the final say in the league will lie in their hands.

The West Ham United source claimed that “The big six are using Covid for a power grab. If this goes through, over time they will just use more and more for themselves.”

Though no Premier League club has officially come out to distance itself from the proposal, the league governing body has condemned the proposal. Likewise, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has kicked against the proposal via a spokesperson.

However, the Chairman of the English Football League (EFL) Rick Parry has stamped his authority on the proposal that seeks to give EFL clubs 25 percent of the revenues from Broadcasters.

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Before the Project Big Picture can become law, it has to be subjected to voting. Out of the 20 clubs currently in the Premier League, at least 14 clubs have to vote for it before it can be adopted as the new football system in England.

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