Premier League yet to decide on summer transfer window

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As the summer draws nearer, Top-flight clubs in the English Premier League are yet to decide when the summer transfer window will take place.

They will meet again in July for further discussion after actions recently resumed two months after the coronavirus pandemic. But for now, the dates and duration for the summer’s transfer window for Premier League clubs remain uncertain.

This decision to hold further talks about the subject early next month was made following a two-hour conference call on Tuesday.

This could mean that the Premier League may not open the window before the end of the season on July 26. Recall that UEFA had asked all associations to close their windows no later than October 5. This recommendation already has the support of the European Leagues, which represents 32 professional football leagues including the Premier League.

There is a need for clarity in the summer transfer window – Richard Masters

Richard Masters, Premier League chief executive, had in an interview last week seek for clarity in the transfer window while noting that there are lots of games to be completed at different times.

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He, therefore, stated that the League awaits various guidance from other bodies.

“Understanding when we’re going to start and finish, and what other leagues are doing, I think is important.”

Part of what was discussed in the meeting was about the start of next season, but they are yet to agree on a date. It is being mooted that the season might begin in September in order to return to the old calendar of completing in May 2021.

Leicester City and Brighton players taking a knee before the kickoff

Players will continue to wear the Black Lives Matter logo on their shirt sleeves for the remainder of the season. They had replaced their names on the back of their shirts for the first 12 matches played so far since the season restarted.

It was gathered that all the clubs are willing to continue the trend, but not beyond the last round of fixtures. The Premier League had already said it will continue to support players who take a knee before or during matches.

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A helicopter had flown over Etihad Stadium on Monday displaying a flag with the inscription: “White Lives Matter Burnley” during Manchester City’s Premier League game against Burnley which the Citizens won 5-0.


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