Premier league Midweek games to look out for… Arsenal v Chelsea, Manchester City v Sheffield United

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Tomorrow is Tuesday, January 21, 2020,  the premier league season matches continue early in the week and it’s very unusual.   The Premier League matches usually held on the weekend, but this week is different and there are some notable games taking place tomorrow and they are worth watching or maybe wagering on.

Arsenal will take on Chelsea on January 21, 2020, while Manchester United will battle it out with Sheffield United.   Everton will face Newcastle United, Aston Villa will face Watford, and AFC Bournemouth will face Brighton and hove Albion.

Evidently, the Chelsea v Arsenal match will be the biggest of the day and both sides will try their best to come away with a win as they are both struggling to make the top four.


Tomorrow’s game prediction winners 

Arsenal to beat Chelsea

Everton to beat Newcastle United

Watford to beat Aston Villa

Brighton to beat Bournemouth

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