Premier League May Abandon Sky Sports And BT Sports

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The Premier League is already discussing the possibility of ditching Sky Sports and BT Sports in the future in a bid to start showing its games on its platform. 

There is likely to be one more multi-partner deal with all those platforms before deciding on showing one of the most popular leagues on the league’s official platform. 

It will be devastating for Sky Sports because they have been the main platform that show the competition since it was created in 1992, and they have contributed hugely in building the Premier League.

For the Premier League, it is going to be a way to print money and make the Premier League clubs richer. For the fans, it is going to be a godsend because of the reduction in their monthly subscription fees for those platforms.

But the plan is for the future and wouldn’t currently stop the fans from paying the exorbitant amount they pay to Sky Sports or BT Sports to watch Premier League games.

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However, the Premier League’s three-year contract with Sky Sports and BT is set to end in 2025. The domestic TV rights for 2022–2025 are worth $6.3 billion (£5.12 billion).

It costs fans £100 a month to watch Premier League matches on those platforms.

However, there are talks that DAZN and Disney are ready to enter into a contract to show Premier League matches to viewers from different countries.

Kevin Miles, who is the CEO of the football supporters association, said there is no question that the fans are feeling financial constraints due to different factors.

Former Aston Villa striker Gabriel Agbonlahor said enough is enough on the issue of fans making monthly subscriptions to football matches. 

Agbonlahor claimed: “You’ve got Viaplay for £15; BT Sport for £30; Sky Sports for £24; and Amazon for £9, which is taking a lot from the fans.”

If the Premier League decides to start their own broadcasting, they will be placed on the spot over kickoff time.

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Who is Going To Benefit More Between The Premier League And The Fans

The fans have been hoping for a way to end this exploitation coming from those platforms.

Now that the league is planning on separating itself from Sky Sports and BT, it is a big joy for the fans who wouldn’t invest a lot just to watch football matches.

However, the major winners of these are going to be the Premier League clubs, who are going to make big money granting TV rights.

There is also going to be an increase in the price of tickets for those clubs. It is going to bring about more football attendance on the pitch than ever. Also, there are stories that illegal streaming will also be banned globally.

What do you think about the Premier League’s plans? Please air your views in the comment section. 

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