Premier League Games Set to Copy World Cup Style by Lasting For 100 Minutes Next Season

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Premier League matches are set to experience an extension in the normal 90-minute game time to 100 minutes.

The Premier League is set to copy the World Cup style of match minutes after football lawmakers gave the go-ahead for it to commence next season.

Premier League players

The international FA board had a business meeting and made a series of significant decisions that will change the face of the game in the future. An increase in extra time minutes has been considered

Premier League players

England’s first match of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar ended with an extra 27 minutes. There was an average ball in play of 58 minutes across all 64 matches played.

However, the International Football Association Board chiefs were surprised the match lasted longer than 105 minutes.

Additional minute for Premier League

The FA’s Chief Executive Mark Bullingham also made his contribution during the meeting, stating they wanted to improve the ball in play. Since the World Cup could do that, he wants to add it to an existing law.

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Referees in the World Cup

Bullingham started by explaining how he is planning on improving the ball in play.

He stated that if a player goes down and is being treated for injury, if he stays down for more than four minutes, the referee will add four minutes of extra time.

Although if an injured player stayed longer on the ground, it may be to his team’s advantage when the team needs a goal to win the match.

Another change the International FA Board are planning to implement is that the referee will also explain to the fans why VAR made a particular decision on the pitch.

The referee will go to the crowd and broadcast to them what really happened and why he is making a particular decision. This idea will develop the relationship between the fans and the referees.

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A change like that will trigger the interest of the fans more, as the International FA hopes to do that in all FIFA competitions, starting with the FIFA Club World Cup.

Premier League
The Referee checking the VAR monitor

However, the communication between the referee and VAR will remain private for now until the final decision is made by the English FA Executive.

Premier League
Premier League players

This move is the IFAB’s first step toward allowing spectators to have insight on VAR decisions. The Premier League chiefs are likely to see whether to follow the IFAB decision in the summer.

The Football Association also backed the use of semi-automated offside technology in the Champions League and the World Cup. This will reduce officials’ errors during a game.

Premier League
The Referee checking the VAR monitor

The members of the board also believe that a 3D animation will give the fans a better view of the offside.

Premier League
Premier League players

The 3D animation was used in the World Cup final, and it helped Lionel Messi score his second goal against France.

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