Physically Challenged Spain Renowned Athlete Alex Roca Opened El-Clasico With The First Kick of The Ball [Video]

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Alex Roca, a physically challenged and Spain renowned athlete was on the field of play as Barcelona tackled Real Madrid in Copa Del Rey semifinals.

Alex Roca
Roca opens Copa Del Rey El-Clasico semifinal with a first kick of the ball at Camp Nou

Alex Roca, who made a name for himself as the only person with 76% physical disability to finish Barcelona marathon race, took to the pitch at Camp Nou and opened the El-Clasico with a ceremonial first kick of the ball.

Waving to the fans in the stadium, Roca smashed the ball with his right-foot before greeting some players and taking a walk off the field.

Who is Alex Roca Campillo?

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Born in 1991 in Spain, Alex Roca is an inspirational Spanish athlete and motivational speaker who have redefined the limits of athleticism.

Alex Roca

Alex Roca is famous for his daring adventures in athletics. Alex Roca overcame his celebral palsy problem to stun the world and finish the Titan Dessert 2019 race.

The Titan Dessert race is classified as one of the most difficult races in the world where competitors navigate long distance routes with poorly labelled signpost and hostile environments for six days at the Moroccan desert.

Roca made history and came to the fore when he beat the odds to complete the race despite his physical disability.

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Alex Roca has a popular motto which defines his life and shapes his aspirations. The motto reads, “the limit is set by you.”

Roca is said to have started suffering from cerebral palsy at the tender age of six, leaving him with 76% physical disability.

Due to the problem, Roca struggles to walk and talk. He uses sign language to communicate. Despite his physical disabilities, Roca is able to complete life’s daily task and routines with ease.

He is an accountant by profession and can drive a car. He got married in 2017 to Mari Carme Maza whom he met during one of his motivational conferences.

Roca is a fan of three sports – tennis, football, and cycling with the last being his most favorite.

He loves cycling and has established himself as a renown cyclist who have beaten the odds to redefine the limits.

He has participated in several cycling race, including the El-Corte Ingles, the Pilgrim Race, and the 2019 Barcelona half marathon.

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In 2018, Alex Roca could only manage to sail through three stages of the ultimate Dessert Titans race but in 2019, he stunned all as he held on and completed all the six stages of the most difficult and hard marathons in the world.

The motivational speaker became the first athlete suffering from cerebral palsy to complete all six stages of the Dessert Titan race in the Moroccan desert.

Recently, Roca shot himself up into the scene again when he became the first physically disabled athlete to the Barcelona marathon after he finished the race in 05:50:51hours and is now an ambassador of the competition.

Alex Roca solders his athletic prowess with motivational nuggets. He has been insistent on redefining and shaping perceptions of disability.

Alex Roca Wife

In one of his motivational sojourns, Alex Roca met the love his life in 2017. His wife is Mari Carme Maza.

They both live in Barcelona in Spain. Mari Carme Maza is a student and also a social worker. She has always been on hand to assist Roca each time he undertakes a race.

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